#59: Howdie Mickoski

#59: Howdie Mickoski

Howdie Mickoski is a researcher who has spent the past decade-plus investigating such subjects as the philosophy and teachings of ancient Egypt, the philosophy and teachings of the Cathars, Gnostics and other historical groups, as well as the works of Carlos Castenada, among others.

Howdie has also written books about the fascinating history of the world's fairs and expositions of the late 1800s and early 1900s, and postulates what these events can tell us about our history. Please join me for this interview in which we discuss all aspects of these fairs and expos and wonder about what these investigations have to tell us about our current world situation.

Bring your most open mind and questioning habits to this interview, and enjoy the ride.


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Michelle on

The symbolism of the goddess and surrounding architecture (~34 min mark) is similar to what is shown in a video that discusses Vatican architecture—keyhole arch, phallic symbol, body of water, columns with statutes of men on top….
14:38 mark
Sergeant – Robert: Horton, Admiralty Law Civil Jurisdiction Masonic War Platform

Thank you for your discussion!

PaulSch on

I am very open to the idea that a lot of our history books are incorrect about quite a lot.

But I think it is important to question every idea, not just mainstream ideas but also alternative approches. One should not come to hasty conclusions and check and investigate everything from multiple angles.

Here is a YouTube video about photos from the construction of the 1904 fair:

World’s Fair Construction Photos (1904 St. Louis)

This gives a different perspective on the question.

Milena Brandao on

Two of my favorite people! Love seeing both of them connecting!

Laura Miles on

Great interview! A second interview is a must imo.

Geraldine May on

I’ve been investigating Tartaria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI8FIpDpNg8
V. Putin just declassified Tartaria documents: https://theserapeum.com/putin-declassified-the-tartaria-archives-the-official-history-is-false/

There must have been some reason the people who changed the history, replaced it with fake history, and destroyed these displays which surpassed the skills of the current civilization did this. It must have been so that the ‘evidence’ would not be available for scrutinizing after, just like they banished the works of Tartaria denying that such knowledge and skill ever existed.

Mark Edmond on

Oh that was excellent! I want more

Deborah on

The building that housed the Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) Fair in 1880 is still there and is used for the annual flower show and other events. It was listed as the first UNESCO World Heritage building in Australia.

Stuart Smith on

How about the Mormon Tabernacle?

Lester on

Construction of the 1904 World’s Fair. If man can conceive it, he can build it.

Jerry Paine on

WOW! This interview just blew me away. It makes the movie “The Matrix” seem like a documentary….

My new mantra moving forward is, question everything!

What else are they hiding from us??? Free energy? Anti-gravity? Interstellar travel?

I just bought all of Howdie’s books..my journey just took a different path…

Thanks to both of you..Dr. Tom and Howdie!!!

Guardiana on

Great presentation, great synergy, definitely do more talks, please!

Denise on

Just finished and stopped to take a very deep breath. What an exciting journey we are on! Turned to my 90 year old father and asked if he had any relatives that went to a world fair. He said he did in 1938 in New York! He only remembers sitting in a ride that took you all around the ‘globe’ and showed you everything around the world. So interesting as the earth is one of my favorite subjects. Thank you so much, Tom and Howdie!

Leslie on

San Francisco preserved one of the buildings from the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition. It’s called the Palace of Fine Arts. It’s beautiful, but a constant battle to maintain because it was not constructed to endure. When something is thrown together quickly, as a temporary structure, it soon becomes hazardous and must be removed.

Danika on

Thank you so much for your bravery Dr. Tom! I love every talk you give and so appreciate your twachings on reexamining how the body works. I absolutely loved this talk too! I have listened to Howdie before but never an interview into the world’s fairs. So eye opening. Thank you again ❤

Olga on

Very fascinating! More questions than answers in my head.

What about modern historical propaganda: the history channel where we listen to somebody retelling us the historical facts and looking at them from the modern point of view? What about our historical movies? Do these examples distort our historical knowledge? Is it possible to carry the historical knowledge by a lay person or only by a historian?

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