#62: Dolf Zantinge

#62: Dolf Zantinge

In this week's episode of "Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends," I interview Dolf Zantinge of the Analemma water company. This is our second podcast together - you can watch the first one here. This is an important podcast that explains the science of the Analemma water wand, Dolf's research, and more. Enjoy!

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Alexandra on

Thank you for the information.. Finally, what is the best drinking water for us? let’s drink already structured water, I understand.. Can we find already structured water in nature? is the spring water that springs from the stone structured? or does spring water, if frozen and thawed in the freezer, have a hexagonal shape? or is the rainwater already structured? which one do you recommend to drink daily? or which is the best to consume from nature, without the need for water structuring devices? spring water in which we add sea salt is structured in a hexagonal shape? thank you FOR al!!

Anonymous on

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for commenting on Tom’s interview/podcast. Mineral water from a spring is structured by flowing through the earth spring. This water is the optimal source of water, if you are able to find a pure unpolluted environment. There are artesian springs such as these located in most states/countries, etc. You can look them up online and often time bottle right from the source.

Regarding your carbonation question, I don’t have the answer at this time, but will do my best to get it.

Customer Support

Anonymous on

Hello Everyone and thank you for commenting. Feel free to reach out to CustomerSupport@DrTomCowan.com if you are interested in purchasing the Analemma Whole House System.

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Samuel. Bonsignore on

I have been using the wand for cooking, drinking and nourishing household plants and citrus plants for 18 months and the results are impressive. I enjoy your interviews with Zantinge &co. and find this information critical in understanding your philosophy regarding for wellness. The logic for this New Biology is encouraging and exciting. Thank you. BTW,can you tell me how I can purchase a whole house Analemma system.

Mama Wolf on

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wear an Annalema pendant? Just a thought.

Patsy on

It is interesting that when I put my pitcher of water on a BioGeometry charging plate before using my Analemma , it seems to take less stirring time with the wand to become coherent ~

Gordon Miller on

Very persuasive. Think I’ll try it.

kunjabihari on

you’re still talking about this ‘neti neti’ procedure
panthāḥ — the path; tu — but; koṭi-śata — thousands of millions; vatsara — of years; sampragamyaḥ — extending over; vāyoḥ — of wind; atha api — or; manasaḥ— of the mind; muni-puṅgavānām — of the foremost jñānīs; saḥ — that (path); api— only; asti — is; yat — of whom; prapada — of the toe; sīmni — to the tip; avicintya-tattve — beyond material conception; govindam — Govinda; ādi-puruṣam— the original person; tam — Him; aham — I; bhajāmi — worship.
I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, only the tip of the toe of whose lotus feet is approached by the yogīs who aspire after the transcendental and be- take themselves to prāṇāyāma by drilling the respiration; or by the jnānīs who try to find out the nondifferentiated Brahman by the process of elimination of the mundane, extending over thousands of millions of years.
process of elimination of the mundane / neti neti – means: ‘not this’ not this’
however this process can take thousands & millions of years!

Lora Rinaldi on

What an amazing interview! Just wondering if they have thought about how Analemma water possibly relates to the homeopathic concept of water having a memory and the idea that the increase in dilutions strengthens the homeopathic remedy? Also the concept of bioresonance (Qest4 software) remedies – is this similar to what is occurring with the Analemma wand? It would be wonderful to have a discussion on this.

Ian on

Great stuff Tom! – I feel that the whole of biology and science in general, after being conned by fakers our whole lives, is starting afresh! Thank you, thank you…

Adam Hampton on

Imagine the potential of a garden watered with Analemma combined with electroculture

Jeff Sims on

Fantastic interview. You’ve given me hope.

Jeff Sims on

Does adding carbonation change the structure of water? Carbonated spring water tastes better to me, but I don’t want to diminish the potential of structured water.

Is mineral water from a spring structured by flowing through the earth spring?

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