#75: David Icke

#75: David Icke

Hi Everyone,

In today's interview, I checked in with our friend David Icke to see what he is up to and wondering about these days. 

Tune in for an interesting conversation.  



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Shannon on

so if it’s all a simulation and there is a larger reality we don’t experience but it’s controlling this reality with ‘error correcting codes’ and AI, who programs the AI? And why would the other beings who are feeding off the loosh have to be that way? Why can’t they if they experience the greater reality, appreciate the beauty of oneness and not even bother with all the super negative garbage?

Shannon on

I suppose this explains the desire for permanent war and all the attendant horrors, along with all the types of suffering we can experience.

FjK on

Yes Gary, very much so, am I.

Although David Icke would probably stay away from David Weiss, which is very strange indeed, as you would have thought that if anyone would be able to grasp the biggest psyop ever played against mankind, it would be exposed by someone like DI. Its probably becaaue it leads one to the existence of an Infinite Creator.


There is a simpler rational explanation for the slide into anti-humanism and dystopia. Ultimate ideas in philosophy concerning metaphysics, epistemology and ethics govern man’s behavior in ways most don’t comprehend. If facts were plastic and ever changing, as per Heraclites, then reason would be misleading. Without reason, ethics supports conquest, since at least dragging home a new woman and other loot offers momentary benefit. In which case, wars become normalized, since without reason there is no ultimate frame of reference by which right and wrong can be discovered and proven, and so disputes cannot be resolved justly. That’s the cultural condition we live in today, more and more. The very long history of civilization disintegration—two hundred years or so in the West and thousands in much of the Far East—makes sense. For philosophical trends run for hundreds or thousands of years until some confluence of events boosts a new way of thinking and living among some special cultural group. Benevolence is disappearing, because reason has been under assault for centuries. Without reason, knowledge evaporates, and conflicts intensify. Ours is a power culture increasingly; child and human sacrifice appeal to the sexual and aesthetic appetites of habitual seekers of power.

Stuart on

Yogananda said something similar in his books about Jesus – that its the Satanic energy keeps us in the cycle of reincarnation by getting us attached to the “physical” (maya) world. You can escape it by tuning into the “prime reality” if you like.

Nancy Kay Anderson on

Has the incarnation of the Human Being through the epochs and the natural kingdoms been reduced to a simulation? I understand that a synthetic overlay of all life forms has been happening for decades through technology and that we are being captured, on various levels, into this AI ( ahrimanic intelligence). But to leave out the possibility of experiencing, through individual and community effort, the Higher Spiritual Realms and our striving to Spiritually evolve as a people, is a tragic error that many are falling into. What is the remedy for Humanity? Anthroposophy………

Diane R on

Sounds a lot like Howdie’s book “Exit the Cave”.

Ronald Greenstein on

Check out CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters.

Robin on

Excellent interview

Gary Reid on

Very much enjoyed your talk with Mr Icke.
I’m looking forward to your “eventual” conversation with David Weiss. Perhaps Andrew could be on as well.

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