#76: Monica Corrado

#76: Monica Corrado

Hi, everyone.

In today's short podcast, I re-introduce our good friend Monica Corrado, who has just joined our New Biology Clinic staff. Monica, as you will hear, has decades of experience guiding people in all the particulars and nuances of The GAPS diet, the Nourishing Traditions diet, and all that you need to know to implement a nourishing, nutrient-dense, whole foods diet for you and your family. You will learn in this short interview about the basic nutritional philosophy we all share at the New Biology Clinic and will learn how you can get direction and guidance in implementing these principles in your home. We are thrilled to welcome Monica to our team.

You can learn more about Monica Corrado and the New Biology Clinic here. 




* Monica is an enrichment services specialist for our clinic, not one of our primary practitioner choices.

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