#43: Tika Vales Caldwell of Living Design Technology

#43: Tika Vales Caldwell of Living Design Technology

This week's podcast features an interview with Tika Vales Caldwell, who has developed EMF-remediating technology that can be described as Biogeometry 2.0. Learn about how she came to the EMF world and how she uses her artistic and technical skills to create devices that can help protect us against harmful EMFs. Please tune in to this informative interview.

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Liza on

Thank you Dr Cowan. What you shared about 5G and the effect on water has given me an unbelievable insight. Thank you for sharing this brilliant woman! What a gift you have Tika! Your innate curiosity is truly a gift from God! p.s. I’m a Catholic Convert 10 years now. I’m 50. Our Lady of Guadalupe’s image has a four-petal flower over her womb. 10 million Aztecs converted because in their iconography this represents The God of all the gods.

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