#44: Christine Massey

#44: Christine Massey

This week's podcast episode features an interview with Christine Massey. She will discuss how she used Freedom of Information requests to ask for proof of virus isolation from many "health" organizations like the CDC. What she found may (or may not) surprise you. I hope you'll tune in and share this important information with your loved ones.

Christine Massey's website: https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/

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Anonymous on

Hello Tricia,

Dr. Cowan talks about Epstein Barr in this webinar: https://rumble.com/v10vjhh-live-q-a-on-youtube-from-april-13-2022.html

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Pia Benvenutto on

Thank you Dr. Cowan and Christine. It is because of your research that I can breathe freely knowing that it is unlikely I will get sick and die. lol. I believe that listening to you and doctors such as Zach Bush describing perfectly the way I conduct my own life or what has been a peaceful lifestyle my entire life; playing outdoors, interacting with nature, children, pets, fresh food, filtered water, clean air, recognizing toxic stress and when to stop grieving, having the confidence to believe that what I believe works best for me. I have discussed your work for several months now and will continue to speak out against the ridiculous tyrannical, totalitarian narrative. All the best. Pia

Tricia on

Wonderful info.
Could you address " retroviruses", like epstein barr . I totally agree with all you are bringing forward, I’m affected by what was called epstein barr for 25 years, can guess at its reality. Also, I don’t believe in autoimmunity concept either, we weren’t designed to attack ourselves and
Do you think toxins, poisons, even emf might cause antibody development?
4 of us had " covid " year ago, loss of taste and smell only. Thats neurological, perhaps we are purposely being poisoned in some way??
And in beginning, I felt ill around those who just got the shot in the store. I couldn’t initially figure out why I felt like this with some customers…..
Hope not too much to ask

Karen Ann Dowden on

It was disturbing to me that someone as qualified as Dr. Peter McCullough could be so off handed in his response about something so important as the existence of a virus that has supposedly ‘mashed’ up the globe.
Like all my friends and family here in Trinidad, viruses are real bogey men and the PCR terst is gospel. I cannot tell them otherwise. Thanks for all your great work and enlightenment.

Glenn Turner on

Fantastic! Bombshell! Thank you Dr Cowan and Christine for getting at the truth. I’m no scientist but I always wanted to see evidence of this virus too. Seems like nobody is able to reason logically about things or present basic biological evidence. I haven’t seen any sick people either! I’ve been follow Dr. David Martin. Keep up the good work.

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