Q&A Webinar- January 24th, 2024

Q&A Webinar- January 24th, 2024

Please join us as we welcome Dr. Maureen McMichael to the New Biology Clinic!

Dr. Maureen McMichael serves as the New Biology Clinic’s practitioner for our Pet Health Membership program, for which she provides individualized health support for all a member’s household pets. Maureen believes that the pet’s health is intimately entwined with their family’s health on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
Learn more here: https://newbiologyclinic.com/dr-maureen-mcmichael/

Listen to Maureen's podcast interview with Dr. Tom Cowan: https://drtomcowan.com/blogs/podcasts/73-maureen-mcmichael


In today's webinar, we held a Q&A session. Topics included:

-What is happening during the fermentation process and why do these foods yield good health? Specifically with sourdough bread in mind?

-What affect does carbonated water have on the body? I make my own from our well water.
What would you recommend for a diabetic as the best treatment?

-Is there a protection, detox from what is sprayed on us from the chem trails? Is there an affordable shower filter which takes out fluoride, nanoparticles ?

-Okay, so you’ve been proving that there’s no evidence that viruses exist. What about hormones? Do they exist?

-My wife is a naturopath and would like to hear your take on 2 specific "viruses ": Epstein-Barr and Cytomegalovirus. Her colleagues seem to buy the "virus" story and she'd love to hear your opinion on what causes the symptoms in both cases.

-Do you have any recommendations for sourcing mistletoe for cancer?

-Do you have a guideline for eradicating mrsa?

-When using Strophanthus long term, is it possible that an increase of dosage is needed to achieve optimal effects (or to achieve the same effects as when taken initially)?

-If the heart is not a pump, and its purpose is to shape the circulation of the blood, why do artificial hearts, which are mere pumps, keep people alive?

-What causes gout, how to prevent it, and how to treat it?



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