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AquaCure AC50

Hydrogen Rich Water & Brown's Gas Home Health Device

The AquaCure device, created by inventor and scientist George Wiseman, generates "Brown's Gas" which contains molecular hydrogen, a nutrient that comprises about 62 percent of our molecules. Due to the depletion of our gut flora, most people are unable to generate enough molecular hydrogen to repair their tissues, leading to illness and disease. The AquaCure device enhances air and water with molecular hydrogen and has documented health benefits. The device is easy to use and maintain, and a 5% discount is available for community members with the code COWAN at checkout.


Brown’s Gas can be used to help restore bodies to health, from nearly any ailment, and extend healthful lifespans by 30% to 50%. Also known as HydrOxy, HHO and OxyHydrogen, Brown’s Gas comes from the electrolysis of water in electrolyzers specifically designed not to separate the resulting gases.

The AquaCure AC50 is the most advanced and user-friendly Hydrogen Rich Water and Brown’s Gas for Health machine. The unit quickly charges plain pure water to support 4 current protocols (plus 2 more to come):

1. Bubble (infuse the water with Brown’s Gas) for healthful drinking (lets the wisdom of the body choose where the healing is most needed) and for feeding to plants and animals. Can also be used to enhance hydroponics, aquaponics, fish growth, etc.

2. Bubble (infuse the water with Brown’s Gas) for topical treatment of skin issues and wounds (you choose where to focus the healing). Also bubble foot bath or bath water for full body treatment.

3. Bag limbs to use Brown’s Gas gas for external treatment of skin, wounds and various pain relief (like arthritis and carpel tunnel).

4. Direct BREATHING (inhalation) of Brown’s Gas gas (hydrogen / oxygen mixture), to efficiently put the hydrogen directly into the blood for fast, efficient whole-body hydration and healing.

Two New Protocols Coming Soon: a retrofitted attachment for the production of Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) and an application for using the New Water generated by collecting the condensation of the Brown’s Gas flame that fuels the micro-torch).

What Are the Main Features of the AquaCure AC50?

  • Generates up to 50 liters per hour of Brown’s Gas using plain pure water.
  • Designed for continuous operation without overheating and can simultaneously bubble the gas into water for drinking and/or topical treatment and gas for direct inhalation or “bagging” limbs.
  • Adjustable gas production, which is vital for safety when making optimized hydrogen mixtures for different body sizes (most other electrolyzers do not have this essential feature).
  • Easy maintenance: simply rinse with hot water after every 100 hours of use.
  • Low Liquid Level Indicator Light, Alarm, and Automatic Shut Off Switch (most other devices rely on manual observation of water levels).
  • High Liquid Level Shutoff and advanced Anti-Backfill feature.
  • Variable Frequency: ability to impress different healing frequencies onto the Brown’s Gas).
  • Extra reservoir for longer operation hours between refills.
  • Tower Cap Pre-Scrubber prevents lye from leaving the AquaCure.
  • Timer on/off switch, master shutoff switch and over-pressure safety valve.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty: you have up to 1 year to return your AquaCure device for any reason, and a lifetime warrantee for manufacturer defects.




“My blood pressure went on a little rampage yesterday, the first time in well over 6 months. It was running 186/102 and holding there. I sat down and began inhaling (Brown’s Gas), and within 20 minutes it was down to 118/68. I had not done any inhalation on Friday or Saturday, which is why it probably went high. When inhaling on a daily basis I do not need my BP meds, but it is now apparent that without it, I do.”

~ d.m.



“My 16 year old started using your machine. He’s a serious athlete .. trains for baseball 3-5 hours a day. It’s not only helped him with energy and injuries, but also with his acne. Thanks so much !”

~ T.M.



“I recommended 52 yr female with Lupus that has been getting worse for 13 years, to take two 30 min treatments a day (from my machine) for 5 days, then one 30 min a day for 5 days. One LPM Brown’s gas through nose canola(sp?).
She had about six 30 min treatments over a 3 or 4 week period.
First she noticed that her rashes had cleared up and was feeling better. Now she reports that all Lupus symptoms are gone and even tho I recommend she continue occasional treatments. She says she doesn’t need any more. Reports not tired, no fatigue, full of energy, previous migraines also gone. Sleeps normal at night with no day time naps. Breathing back to full normal (a bigy she says), no more diarrhea, Aches in hands and joints completely gone (another bigy). The constant rashes never came back. This was reported today, so it remains to be seen if this is a permanent cure or needs more treatment, bur definitely encouraging. Wow.

I’m still breathing 30 to 60 min a day. Feel great as before, but libido high.

Oct 5/17 update “Lupus guinea pig still symptom free after two months.”

~ E.S



“I had quite a big warts between my toes that was inflamed due to rubbing while walking. I soaked a cloth with BG water and put it over night around the toe. Next morning the inflammation was gone. I repeated every night. Three days later the warts had
dissappeared for 75 % and is now getting smaller and smaller. Lovely!

My friend R. with rheumatic problems had a painful knee with difficulty bending it. During her visit we treated the knee with BG gas and gave her BG water. Already after the treatment the knee felt lighter and an hour later, she was able to bend the knee without pain.
This is almost miraculous….

Also I experience deep relaxation after and during breathing the BG. The same does my friend M. We of course drink the water and feel refreshed and energized – we are 72 and 73. BG seems to generate too slow processes in the organism.

I work on my legs that are blue from varicous veines and stagnation. After a first treatment I almost could not sleep so strongly circulation was increased. Now it is less, but also the very blue of the legs is diminuishing. I am very hopeful
to be able to regenerate the leg. Now I am so happy to continue.”

~ R.Z



“My experience so far with browns gas has been positive.

Browns gas is the only thing I’ve used to change up my normal routine.

I have been around a lot of people who’ve all had the flu or a sever cold, things which I’m always susceptible to, I have not experienced those yet.

My left hand years ago started out with one finger that was always consistently dry and cracking and it eventually spread to the other fingers. It is now gone and normal looking and feeling. I wish I had some before pics.

Seasonal allergies are terrible around here right now. This is the first year I haven’t experienced my allergies and had to use medication’s.

Drinking water with the browns gas bubbled through it seems to have helped me curb my appetite and stopped over eating and unnecessary snacking. I’ve lost 20lbs and have kept it off without exercise.

I would like to get to the point where I’m growing my own fruit and veggies with it.
I bubble the gas into a gallon of water every morning and take it to work.”

~ C.C



“Dear George Wiseman
Since I bought a ER50 from you it’s been hecktic for me. I have many healing exsperiences, both of my own and others.

Each person has different healing exsperiences and seemingly faster or slower and more evident or not so evident.

For me I almost have died a few years back from LGS (leaky gut syndrome). It took a week to recover with heavy antibiotics and then 3 months to get my gut functioning agian. With the Brown’s Gas, 30 minutes the first day and I thought well I don’t feel any different.
The second day I was sicker than a dog. I was exsperiencing all the same things that I felt with leaky gut.
The big difference was a day later all the symptoms were gone. No antibiotics, and gut working normal.

I like this exsperiment. Friends with heart , prostate , joint pain etc. are improving. The thing that we all seem to be exsperiencing is way more energy. This is only a month down the road.

Now my question to you is as I have gone through a big learning curve in building two of these and sourceing materials, I find a need to imburse to you some amount for the years of getting to this point, where you have shared with the world this information.

By the way, the new video on youtube you made reinforced my learning curve.

Your welcome tp use my personal testimony. I don’t have permission from others to go public with their info.

Without names I will say that the one person who was treated for prostate cancer said he was gettinng up to pee 4 times a night. It suprised him to sleep all through the night. He wants me to build him the hydrogen machine more for the energy though. He had it for a week trading with others daily.

Another friend started using 30 minutes a day 3 days after a stint put in for his heart. The first day he felt a tightness in his chest. The second day he felt more energy than he felt in a long time. He went from his easy chair and TV all the time to getting into his shop 2 then 4 then 6 hours a day.

As I loaned out my ER 50 I felt a slackening in the energy I had felt.
Although I eat pretty good I plan on improving on things like fermenting food, release stress, and continue to exercise. I am 70 years old and getting younger.

Thankyou for what you’ve done and are doing. May God Be With You!!”

~ W.W

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