A Most Cherished Gift

A Most Cherished Gift

Dear friends, it has become a Thanksgiving tradition for me to share what I am most grateful for. Of course, the usual response, appropriately so, is to express my gratitude for my amazing wife, Lynda; my children and grandchildren; my extended family of four cats, four goats and six chickens, and the numerous friends and supporters I have around the world. 

I also have a deep sense of gratitude for all the people who work in and support our businesses. From the practitioners in our clinic, the customer-support team, and the people who so willingly and ably do our marketing and website, I am grateful for and touched by their dedication, insight and good humor. 

This year, I also want to express my thanks to something akin to my higher self, or maybe my better self, or sometimes I think it's my guardian angel, who has helped me craft a life in which I experience the gift of fighting for truth and justice. I truly believe that if I ever reached a point in which I didn't believe that the words I speak, or the people and causes I support, or even the products and services we offer didn't fundamentally help to create a healthier, more just world, few other things would matter.

The support of my friends and family allows me to carry on, but the real task is simply to help the world be a better place than when I found it. 

Together we can do this. Join me. 



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Monica Corrado on

I am with you. Thank you.

Susan Dollenmaier on

Your humility is refreshing. Thank you for all that you do, which is significant! Just signed up for the clinic. Brilliant.

Valerie on

Simply beautifully and thankfully said. Thank you Tom (et al)!

Eva Orzynski on

It’s the best time to thank you for your wonderful work, for sharing your insights and for this beautiful message. Please continue with your unique way to teach us to see the world through your eyes.

Lynn Cosmos on

I am grateful for your presence in this world; and for all that I have learned from you and with you.

Andrea Michelle on

Yes! Thanks for your good work.

Brian Root on

I like it, Tom.
Glad you’re part of the solution.

N on

Lovely note.
I feel the gratitude in your words.
Thank you.

Suzanne on

That’s a beautiful message, Tom. I’m so glad you are in this world ❤️

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