A New Way to Understand the Human Heart (re: podcast ep. 28 Manel Ballester)

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Today’s podcast interview is with retired Spanish cardiologist Manel Ballester-Rodes. Dr. Ballester-Rodes has been studying and writing about the revolutionary discoveries of another Spanish cardiologist named Francisco Torrent-Guasp. For anyone who is interested in basic biology, the form and function of the heart, or how the human being is organized, I have a lot of confidence that you’ll find this interview fascinating.

The implications of the clear evidence that Dr. Ballester-Rodes presents has the potential to transform the way we see the heart and the human being as a whole. I believe this is an interview that should be watched by everyone. Please join us, and, as always, I love hearing your feedback and comments.

In tomorrow’s weekly webinar, I will go over new findings on the spike protein toxin and will put that in the context of the larger Covid narrative. As time goes on, more things become clear as to the overall game plan and how we can understand ever more clearly the story line we have been told. Again, join me armed with your questions and comments.

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