Derived from Horsetail, Silica Is an Important Chelator of Aluminum

Derived from Horsetail, Silica Is an Important Chelator of Aluminum

It also improves joint function, collagen formation and hair and nail growth

Greetings for the new year! As this is my first blog of 2018, I want to start by thanking you for your support and interest in my work during the past year. This year promises to be even more exciting as we hope to roll out a number of new initiatives, products and, in a few months, my next book. In addition, the heart documentary I am involved with met its initial financial goals, and the filmmakers are moving on to next steps.

As my next book focuses on the "immune" (detox) system and the myriad ways it is under assault by modern life, I was inevitably drawn to investigate vaccines and, specifically, the role that aluminum in vaccines plays in over-stimulating certain aspects of our "immune" (detoxification) response. Although I don’t want to go into detail about this subject here, poisoning through the use of aluminum in vaccines and other sources is an important topic of investigation in the understanding so-called "autoimmune" disease.

In numerous animal studies, encephalitis caused by aluminum leads to symptoms that mimic those of neurodevelopment disorders in children (i.e., autism) or memory deterioration in adults (i.e., Alzheimer’s). Clearly, more investigation needs to be done on this important topic, but these are among the preliminary findings.

In addition, recent research done by Exley’s group in England has shown that supplementing the diet of either animals or people with silica-rich water or silica-rich plant extracts has the effect of chelating (removing) the aluminum from the tissues (including the brain), thereby lowering the inflammation and improving symptoms. This approach has been shown to relieve the chronic inflammation associated with so-called "autoimmune" disease and the neurodevelopmental symptoms of autism or the memory issues of Alzheimer’s. Therefore, in addition to improving joint function, collagen formation, hair and nail growth, silica supplementation seems to help people whose illness is directly tied to aluminum exposure and subsequent aluminum accumulation in the tissues.

The silica in the preparation Orgono G5 Siliplant, which we are now carrying, is the same type of silica used in the chelation studies. It comes from organic horsetail, a longstanding herbal kidney-cleansing medicine. As with any supplement, it is best used in conjunction with the advice of your health-care provider and in conjunction with tests to determine aluminum levels in your tissues. The usual dose ranges from 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp twice per day, depending on the individual’s reaction to the supplement.

Again, thank you for your interest, and I hope your new year flows with ease, health and joy.


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