From the Deep Well in My Heart, Thank You

Posted by Tom Cowan on

What a year this has been. The earth almost feels as if it's shaking and moving beneath our feet. Somehow, I found myself in the center of this whirlwind, trying to anchor myself as the winds and rains whipped around. 

But I have a secret "weapon," an incredibly powerful anchor that very few possess. I can plant my feet on this precious earth knowing that it's not so easy to blow me away. I have my family, my dear wife, and an incredibly powerful group of friends, supporters, customers and fellow travelers in every spot on earth. I hear from you daily, I read the emails, see the chats, note all the correspondence. I hear it all.  That's why I can keep going. It's the love and gratitude that make this work. 

From the deep well in my heart, thank you to all who read this. Without you, there would be no point in all of this.  

With gratitude and love,


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