From the Deep Well in My Heart, Thank You

From the Deep Well in My Heart, Thank You

What a year this has been. The earth almost feels as if it's shaking and moving beneath our feet. Somehow, I found myself in the center of this whirlwind, trying to anchor myself as the winds and rains whipped around. 

But I have a secret "weapon," an incredibly powerful anchor that very few possess. I can plant my feet on this precious earth knowing that it's not so easy to blow me away. I have my family, my dear wife, and an incredibly powerful group of friends, supporters, customers and fellow travelers in every spot on earth. I hear from you daily, I read the emails, see the chats, note all the correspondence. I hear it all.  That's why I can keep going. It's the love and gratitude that make this work. 

From the deep well in my heart, thank you to all who read this. Without you, there would be no point in all of this.  

With gratitude and love,


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majette danowicz on

I am in such gratitude for your creative free thinking and the inspiration that has arisen within me after listening to your videos and reading your information. You make sense to my mind and my heart! So much that I have studied and learned over many decades just never answered my questions and you have explained the why! I so look forward to one day sharing with you how I assist people to heal themselves and to dig deeper into your brilliant cosmic mind to enhance life and share your wisdom. Your sincerity and honesty shines so brightly! Thank you so much for being the gift in my life and to the world.

julie santall on

In a world that seems to be getting more and more bizarre and obtuse and just plain ridiculous, it is heartwarmingly reassuring that there are others out there who still possess common sense. Thanks for being there.

Joanna Dove on

Your message has been heard…gratitude and love many times over coming back at ya!

Tom Thacker on

Hi Tom,

I for one am inspired by you and your work, not only do you show your passion for helping others but also you show it’s okay to be wrong and begin again, relearning like inquisitive children, looking at the world from a new angle with new eyes and ears. New ideas and concepts are always needed especially now in spite of repellent forces, imagine if you Tom went back to 1400AD and said to everyone that trepanning was too dangerous and risky and too many people died so one day you say, “we need to invent some sort of machine that allows us to see what’s going on inside the head with drilling and cracking open holes in skulls”, most people would have laughed at you, ridiculed you and said “NO Tom…. trepanning works and is safe and effective!” Then on day in the 1970’s “Hello, we’ve got an MRI scanner, let’s have a look at your brain”….I think you get my point, without that first idea being made despite the criticism it may never have happened.

All the best,

Chris on

Thank YOU! I honestly don’t know how I would keep going throughout all this craziness without your common sense, explanations, knowledge and humbleness. It’s a breath of fresh air and balm to the soul amid all the lies abd confusion.

janice on

Just wanted to leave a message to say thank you! Your a breath of fresh air! Thank you for your bravery in speaking truth, sharing your wisdom and just being a beautiful and wonderful human being! I’ve Been following you and reading your books since the start of the the Pandemic!

Peace, love and happiness,

Janice Two Bulls

Robin Pelland on

Dr.Cowan, there are few that have touched the same chord of common sense combined with intuition with a pure motivation to serve. You are one, I am another and we are many more than I dreamed. I learned to not fear exclusion and professional/ social pressure and am thankful I am not enslaved and paralyzed by either. Let us continue in what our roles are knowing we are not alone nor is the work unfruitful. Somehow I came upon your work and Dr. Kaufman’s and have benefited greatly. So will all.I get the chance to share it with. The greatest power of your work is the freedom from fear- those shackles are the biggest. So thank you dear Tom.

Gratefully and respectfully yours,
Robin Pelland MN, RN

Richie Idels, OAA on

THANK YOU Tom! You have us surve the year.
We love you
Richie and Janis Idels (Toronto area)

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