Highlights From the Alison McDowell Interview (re: podcast ep. 18 Alison McDowell)

Posted by Tom Cowan on

Many of you watched my recent interview with Alison McDowell and probably had the same reaction that I did, which is, where can we learn more about the information she shared? Completely on her own, after watching the interview, Alison sent us an easy-to-follow “highlights” of the main points she discussed. 

This paper is a gift as it not only makes her points easy to follow and understand, but it also gives us an accessible paper to share with others. Alison didn’t have to do this, but her commitment to sharing what she knows was her guide. Please take a look at this paper from Alison and share it widely with those who might be interested.

As always, thanks for joining us in our quest to reveal the facts hidden behind the curtain of lies and obfuscations.



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