The Best Water For Home Use

The Best Water For Home Use

Follow These Principles to Find Health-Giving Water

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is what water people should be drinking. My first comment is that the question should include not only what water one should drink, but also what water is best to bathe in, wash vegetables with and even water your garden with. My goal for this short blog is not to get into water theory or to give voluminous references as to how I arrived at my conclusions. Instead, my intention is to simply lay out the principles I use to guide my decision-making and then to describe the current strategy I use.

The principles I use for deciding on which water to use come from both common sense and from the work of Viktor Schauberger, who I still believe knew more about healthy water than anyone else. Here are these principles:

  • The water we use should contain no toxins of any sort. I could give a long list of such toxins, but they include the various forms of chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs, arsenic, microplastics, etc.  
  • The water needs to be in motion, preferably in its natural vortex patterns. 
  • The water should contain as many of the minerals found naturally in the earth and sea as possible. 
  • Finally, the water should be “structured,” a term that goes by many other names, such as hexagonal water, pi water and EZ water. Only when these four conditions are met can one say the water is truly health giving.  


The next and possibly most surprising principle, but one adamantly insisted on by Schauberger, is that natural water MUST emerge through its own activity from the earth. This means he considered water only from springs or in cold mountain streams to be fit for human consumption — never water from a well.  Schauberger used the somewhat vague term “mature” to describe spring and mountain stream water as opposed to “immature” water coming from a well. I provisionally interpret this to mean that water that is not ready to emerge from the earth is not yet properly mineralized or structured for optimal human use.  

According to these principles, then, the very best water for all uses is pure spring water that emerges by itself (no pumps) from the earth. Most rural places in the world do have such springs; often, they are considered sacred sites and are protected by locals. We have access to such a spring and use it as one of our primary sources of drinking water. The only caveat I would mention is that, unfortunately, these days, it is prudent to have the water tested for contaminants, as many local springs have been tainted by chemicals or other toxic exposures.  

Absent access to a tested and clean natural spring, all other water should be purified, re-mineralized, put through a crystal vortex and then “structured.” Without meaning any offense to the many people who are working on and providing such water-purification systems, the one that I use in our home, which is on town water, is the Ophora system. Ophora cleans the water of all testable impurities, including microplastics and pharmaceutical drugs. Then, the water is re-mineralized, passed continuously over a rose quartz vortex and delivered to the water dispenser. Their bottled drinking water also is hyper-oxygenated. This system allows one unlimited access to clean water for all home uses at a reasonable cost. I use their bio-quantum dispenser in the kitchen and their bio-shower unit for showering and bathing.

For the garden water, I will use a simple house carbon-based filter, and then attach one of our showerheads at the point of use. This will provide mostly toxin-free, structured water for our animals and garden plants.

Recently, I have added a final step to this process based on the work of Dolf Zantinge and his company. They came up with a water wand that, when stirred in any water for 10-15 seconds, helps to create a long-lasting coherence to the water. I now use this as the final step in all water we drink at home.  

I understand that for many people, the systems I am describing will be out of reach financially.  My suggestion then is to find the best local spring and use this water for all consumption. This approach, coupled with an Ophora bio-shower unit to purify your shower and bath water, is a good option. For those without access to this option, I would suggest using Mountain Valley Spring water for drinking. Please make sure this is delivered only in glass bottles. 

Finally, if none of these options is possible, I would get a simple carbon filter for your whole house (I am investigating options for this and will report back), and use the water wand for drinking and the Ophora bio-shower for showering and bathing. We are working on a way to give people access to the Analemma water wand; hopefully, this will happen soon. [update: we now carry this wand. A link has been added.]

I hope this gives everyone a basic outline to work from as we all go about choosing the best water for ourselves and our families.

Statement on Viral Isolation

Andy Kaufman, M.D., Sally Fallon Morell and I have written and posted a short statement explaining — hopefully for the last time — what constitutes viral isolation and why it’s important now and into the future. At the bottom of this statement, you’ll see another link that will take you to a signature page. We invite you to join the more than 1,700 people from around the world who have demonstrated their support by signing this statement.

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Daniel Romano on

Any updates on the recommendation for the whole house carbon filter system? The ophora is out of reach for me and most people. Thanks

Anonymous on

Hello Mark and Jena, Thank you for commenting. Dr. Cowan speaks about water filtering and what he recommends in this webinar:

Customer Support

Anonymous on

Hello Chris, Thank you for commenting. Dr. Cowan talks about whole house systems in this webinar:

Customer Support

Chris on

Hi. Can we can get Dr Cowan’s recommendation on a filter that is more affordable than the Ophora? In the article he said he was investigating options:
“Finally, if none of these options is possible, I would get a simple carbon filter for your whole house (I am investigating options for this and will report back)”

Mark on

“Finally, if none of these options is possible, I would get a simple carbon filter for your whole house (I am investigating options for this and will report back)”

- Hi! Any updates on this?

Jena on

Dear Dr. Cowan,

I am a huge fan of your work and I deeply appreciate your integrity, passion and your selfless commitment to the awakening of humanity from the deep illusion. Your books and podcasts played a huge role in my personal health journey over the last decade. The recommendations you made in the above article prompted me to sign up for Mountain Valley spring water (in 5 gallon glass jars), which is now being delivered to my house, to my parents and to my in-laws. After a year of consuming this water, I want to share my family’s personal experiences with you and your other readers and ask for your advice.

The water we receive from Mountain Valley is extremely heavy (we suspect due to very high concentration of calcium). It’s delivered to us monthly in glass 5 gallon bottles and its taste is drastically different than the green bottles sold in stores. Yet the MV company reps insist that both are bottled at the same exact source. Every person in my family who sampled the two could tell a big difference in taste. The delivered water is very heavy and doesn’t go down as easily as water that came from the green bottle. Additionally, I developed some pain in my small joints that I never had before, my FIL stents are clogged even-though he is on a variety of high-potency peptases and K vitamins. Of course we can’t prove that those issues are directly caused by the water we’ve all been drinking (and cooking with) for over a year. Yet, the bottoms of our electric kettles quickly grow heavy calcium residue when MV water is boiled and we end up decalcifying them with citric acid multiple times a week. This doesn’t happen when we boil tap water filtered in my old Berkey. It makes you wonder whether all that calcium is being used by our cells or it’s settling elsewhere in our bodies.

Given this situation I’ve been actively looking for an alternative to Mountain Valley water delivery. I have a whole-house Aquasana system and a Big Berkey, but of course neither structures my tap water. I would really like a filtration system that would not only decontaminate, but would also structure our municipal fluoridated water. Most likely it will require a multi-stage reverse osmosis with some sort of a structuring component.

It would be so helpful to get your recommendation on a trustworthy system, but I only see a showering filter in your store. After spending weeks searching, I’ve located several systems that claim to have structuring components, but they don’t disclose what type of technology they use and there is no way to know if the water is truly stuctured or how to compare the effectiveness of these systems. Of course each of them claims that their unit is the best on the market. Overall cost and replacement filters also vary dramatically. I’ve looked at Radiant Life, Greenfield, Pristine Hydro and SpringAqua. It would be immensely helpful to get your opinion about these systems or perhaps a different one, that I have missed.

Thank you in advance!

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