The Latest Alternative Thinking About the Heart

The Latest Alternative Thinking About the Heart

Welcome to the first Human Heart, Cosmic Heart newsletter.

In these monthly posts, I intend to explore the themes that I introduced in my new book, Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, such as the role of the heart and circulation, what causes heart attacks, and the more esoteric connections between love, gold and the heart. In addition, I’ll share the ideas and insights that other people send to me that take my understanding of these subjects to a new level.

On this website, we’ll explain and make available most of the therapies I discuss in the book. The main medicine is strophanthus/ouabain (strophanthus is the plant, and ouabain is the active ingredient in the plant), and we hope to introduce soon a safe and easy way for anyone working with a health-care practitioner to access a steady supply of this medicine. I also plan to offer other medicines that are valuable adjuncts in heart-disease prevention and therapy, so stay tuned for updates.

In this post, I want to briefly explain the “news” items that I have posted on our website. (New heart-related information will be posted under the menu tab “News.”) Thus far, it consists of:

  • an article I wrote for the Townsend Letter titled “What Causes Heart Attacks.”
  • a link to the invaluable website   Every heart patient, everyone who wants to prevent heart disease, everyone who has a friend or loved one with heart disease would be well advised to watch the video and read all of the FAQs. Health professionals interested in a serious study of heart disease must read the printable material on Dr. Sroka’s site, including the valuable manuscript on the etiology of coronary heart disease by Baroldi.
  • papers published in peer-reviewed journals by an engineer and an anesthesiologist on the implausibility of the heart-as-pump theory. Both of these papers explain in great detail why the heart cannot possibly propel the blood with the force generated from the contraction of the heart muscle, and both come to the same conclusion about a better model for understanding the role of the heart in the circulation. (link missing)
  • another paper in a peer-reviewed journal concerning the findings of Leonardo da Vinci on the heart and his role in the discovery that the heart shapes the blood into a vortex (subsequently confirmed at Johns Hopkins).   Creating this vortex is the heart’s main effect on the blood and is its mechanism of propulsion. (link missing)
  • a final article on an astonishing finding by a Russian researcher that the heart is intimately connected with all the separate areas of the rest of the body.  Again, one of the mechanisms of this connection is through the creation of small vortices (separate from the big vortex Leonardo discovered) inside the heart. (link missing)

In the end I want to create a picture of the heart — what it does, why it gets sick, and how to heal it based on the best of research-based science. And I want to leave you inspired and in awe of this magnificent organ. If we leave out either the science or the awe, we end up either with dry, irrelevant and ultimately misleading facts, or pure fantasy with no practical implications.  For life, and for our hearts, we need both.

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Anonymous on

Hello Emilie,

The links worked for me. Please try these:

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Emilie on

Hi! Thank you for the invaluable resources shared.
It looks likes the link to Dr. Sroka’s site is wrong. I believe the correct one is the following :
Also, the links to the others published papers and articles are missing.

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