The New Biology Initiative

The New Biology Initiative

In the past few years, since I retired from practicing medicine and surrendered my medical license, I have received numerous requests for consultations about people's health issues. In each case, I declined, possibly leaving people feeling as if they have few good options.  

This approach has been difficult, sometimes even painful, as I thought I might be of help; however, it still felt as if it was the right course for me. The question is why?  Of course, legal issues are involved, but that wasn't the main reason. Mainly, my reluctance was twofold.

First, I must be in a certain frame of mind to do what I think is proper medicine. I have to be doing medicine regularly, consistently, and in a dedicated way. In some ways, this practice is no different from any other skill. To maintain one's edge, it takes a regular and diligent commitment. For me, doing only occasional consultations left me feeling as if I wasn't fully present in my skill, which then shortchanged the person seeking help.

Second, I needed time completely away from the practice of medicine to reframe for myself what is real in medicine and biology and what is not. Once the answers became clearer, I could see a whole new path toward healing, which I suspect I never would have seen had I kept practicing. It's as if the time away allowed me to clear my mind, see things in a whole new light — hopefully, a clearer, more powerful and effective path for those who seek help. For those who have read and listened to my work these past two to three years, I hope you can see the evolution and clarity that have evolved, partially through giving myself this space. 

Still, I knew I couldn't "hide" my skills from people seeking my help forever, yet I was clear that doing individual consultations was no longer for me. Along the way, I decided to mentor other practitioners who found value in my work. We would spend hours going over the philosophy of medicine, what to eat, how often or how much strophanthus a given person should take, and just about everything else that goes into working with a person seeking help. A few of these practitioners stuck with me long enough for me to be able to say, "We don't need to do these conversations anymore; you've got it." I might still fill in the occasional details for them, and although the details are crucial, the overall perspective is the key. It was out of this realization that others are equally capable of truly supporting people that we decided to launch our "new biology" initiative.

It is called "new biology" because the "old" biology — based as it is on germ theory, genetic theory, cell theory and a whole lot of other unproven or disproven hypotheses — is the wrong place to start a medical practice. Once one begins to see the real structure and workings of a living organism, a new biology emerges that paradoxically is eerily reminiscent of the biology that grounds ancient healing practices. Using this as a foundation, people can be guided to regain their health in ways I could have only imagined when I was practicing. Therefore, we are launching our New Biology Clinic to give people access to the healing philosophies, strategies and, yes, even the details that I have come to in my 40-plus years in medicine. And, we now have the perfect person to start this new initiative, Dr. Adam Wuollet, who is available for virtual consultations. I'll be acting as cheerleader and someone to run ideas and practices off of if the need arises. 

Medicine and biology took a dramatically wrong turn about 150 years ago. They have been veering off the cliff ever since. This result has caused untold misery and suffering. It's time to rectify this tragedy. The New Biology has been born, and with your help and support, it will surely have a long and fruitful life.  

With gratitude,

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Emily Navas on

This sounds amazing and very timely! So thankful for this opportunity to join

Sue on

Bless you, Tom… for everything and for sharing some of your journey with us. We need something/someone like this in the UK.

Diane on

I am super excited about this. I would like to join in March. Save me a space!


we are all here to support

Kenneth Anderson on

Congratulations. This sounds like a wonderful program that you have started. Very well named also. I.



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