Why An Adequate Supply of Organic Zinc Is Important for Our Time

Why An Adequate Supply of Organic Zinc Is Important for Our Time

Zinc Helps Our Body’s ‘Garbage Collection’

I hope everyone is well and continuing to meet the tremendous challenges we all face. Today we are introducing a new product, Oyster Max, which has great relevance for our current situation. 

Since the beginning of the year, zinc has made it into the news many times. Three things are important to know about zinc. First, it is a component of white blood cells, which function as the garbage collectors in our blood. When toxins enter our bloodstream, bacteria — along with white blood cells — come to digest them. We mistake this phenomenon for an infection when it is really just a manifestation of a toxic condition in the blood or tissues.

If you are zinc deficient, your garbage-collection system is weak, meaning, your only recourse is generating more bacteria. Having sufficient zinc in its organic form is the best way to keep our important white blood cells functioning properly.

The second important function of zinc is to help prevent EMF poisoning. When our tissues are zinc deficient, harmful non-native EMFs are more toxic, and we end up with EMF “hypersensitivity” or some degree of radiation sickness. Being replete in zinc is one way to make ourselves more resistant to the ever present and growing threat of EMF exposure.

Finally, and related to the second point, zinc deficiency can cause the body to hang on to more toxic metals, such as lead, cadmium, iron, etc. This response also creates an electrically unstable situation in the tissues, possibly creating more susceptibility to the harmful effects of EMFs.

The only reasonable way to combat this cascade of events is to ensure an adequate supply of organic — as opposed to mineral — zinc in the diet. The usual zinc supplementation is not correct because taking inorganic zinc can cause nutrient imbalances. Our bodies are meant to use zinc found in its natural form in foods. 

The two best sources of organic zinc are red meat and oysters. For this reason, we are introducing Oyster Max, a simple but powerful foundational supplement that will ensure an adequate supply of zinc in your diet. It is made from sustainably harvested oysters grown in pristine waters. Four capsules provide 4 mg of zinc, which is a safe amount of natural, organic zinc. The usual dose is 3 to 4 capsules a day.  

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