#64: Haralambos

#64: Haralambos "Harry" Adamopoulos

This Is the Best Olive Oil We've Found


For years, the only plant oils I have eaten are olive oil and coconut oil. The rest of the fats in my diet come as the natural components of the foods I eat: butter, lard, ghee, and, occasionally, duck fat or suet. The reason is not only the flavor, smell, ease of cooking and fatty-acid profile, but also because these are the only fats that are easy to extract from the plant or animal in which they are found. Butter is made by churning cream, lard is made by rendering pig fat, ghee is a further refinement of butter, and, as I have often said, to get olive oil, all you need is two large stones and a donkey.


These are the traditional fats that have nourished humans for ages, mostly because of their health-giving properties and their ease of production. In today's podcast, I introduce the exciting olive oil line we are launching. As you will discover, to make the healthiest olive oil, one needs to care for every step of the process, which this maker, based in Greece, does. This starts with nourishing the soil and land, choosing the best variety of trees, hand picking the olives at the exact right time, and using the proper techniques for extracting the freshest and most nutrient-rich oil.


It turns out, as I discovered, it's a little more complicated than the two stones and a donkey idea. We're so impressed with this olive oil's purity and health benefits, we decided to become the company's U.S. distributor. We are very excited to make this exquisite olive oil available to you, as well as share how the olive oil comes from Greece to your table.  Enjoy!!

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Cynthia Bretheim on

I bought Haralambos’ olive oil at that Wise Traditions last year, and his olive oil is fabulous. There’s a good olive oil book—Extra Virginity. Talks about the industry and culture. Very helpful.

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