#69: Dr. Mark Edmond

#69: Dr. Mark Edmond

I am very happy to announce that we have chosen three new practitioners to staff our New Biology Clinic. These two interviews introduce two of these practitioners: Mark Edmond, a general practitioner from New Zealand, and Rodney Soto, a neurologist, originally from Ecuador. 

The first question I asked myself when I received their CVs and cover letters is why a GP from New Zealand and a neurologist from Ecuador would be interested in joining our humble new online venture. It turns out that their answers, though not terribly surprising, are the same answers I heard from almost everyone I interviewed for our clinic. They essentially said, they are done with the conventional-medical system, and they would love nothing better than to join with like-minded colleagues to forge this new path. It is the connection with others that is the driving force.  

Yes, as you will hear, they both have studied the new-biology principles and how they relate to helping people in need. But we all realize that, ultimately, we will progress only if we meet as friends and colleagues and ask each other hard questions and learn from one another.

With that, I am excited to introduce Rodney and Mark to our listeners. 

Learn more about Mark here: https://newbiologyclinic.com/dr-mark-edmond

Book your appointment or sign up here: https://newbiologyclinic.com/


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larry on

Such an excellent journey story, I joined my family to the clinic and chose “Dr.Beard” having not yet listened to this, just an energy thing exactly as you said dr Cowan. hes the bees knees. and im so happy for the chance to collaborate and solve my tribes health questions. I don’t even have any medical issues really, just super happy to support this clinic this process of medicine, and the true expression of healer no longer hamstrung by dogma and eyes wide shut medical business protocols. great job and thanks Asher for pushing tom the little bit necessary to get the ball rolling.

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