A Healthy Gut is the Foundation for Health

A Healthy Gut is the Foundation for Health

Today, I want to focus on my approach to supporting healthy gut function.

As I have described before, one of the ways I conceptualize medicine is to attempt to understand how a process normally functions and then try to recreate those conditions when things become abnormal.

We all know now about the critical importance of a healthy gut ecology for optimal health.

The healthy ecology begins when the baby passes through the birth canal. 

During that time, the microbes living in the mother’s vagina are swallowed, and these organisms become the foundation for the baby’s developing gut flora.

A healthy mother, ecologically speaking, gets her new child off to a robust start. In contrast, studies have shown that babies born via C-section have a gut flora that resembles the organisms living in the operating room.

Right after birth, nature does an interesting maneuver, which is to give the newly born infant (of all mammals) a non-nutritive food source called colostrum.  Almost all mammals, besides humans, will die if deprived of colostrum; human babies will survive but are compromised.

The function of the colostrum is to stimulate growth of the healthy organisms that have been inoculated in the gut lumen.

Once this has occurred, the baby is ready to eat mother’s milk.

When I see someone with compromised gut flora, one thing I suggest is to “start over.”  This means introducing colostrum, sometimes even in a two-or-three-day colostrum fast, to jump start the re-establishment of a healthy gut ecosystem.

I generally use 1 to 2 Tablespoons of colostrum in water two to three times a day during this fast, and then for six to eight weeks following. Often this is enough to support better GI function, bowel movements and digestion, and to decrease the tendency of the gut wall to leak.

Interestingly, colostrum also seems to support normal detoxification pathways ("immunity") and is often helpful for those who suffer repeated respiratory infections and flu-like symptoms.

Another GI-support product I use is Ion Gut Health, developed by Zach Bush, M.D. 

Dr. Bush intensively studied the effects of glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) on the integrity of the gut wall.  Essentially, he found that glyphosate and other toxins (including EMF exposure) increase the concentration of a substance called zonulin in the GI tract.

Zonulin stimulates the GI wall to open its pores, thereby increasing the exposure in the blood stream to proteins and other toxins that have no business in our blood stream.

As I discussed in my vaccine book, this exposure is one of the root causes of many people’s "autoimmune" disease.

Made from a kind of clay, Ion Gut Health decreases the zonulin concentration inside the gut and seals the leaking gut. 

The usual dose of Ion Gut Health is 1 teaspoon three times a day before meals. These two interventions, along with GI-restoration diets like the GAPS diet, are the fundamentals of my "autoimmune-treatment" protocol. They support healthy gut function, seal the leaking gut, and decrease our exposure to toxins and antigens.

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Hello Jenna,

Thank you for your comment. We would not recommend a fast for children who can’t handle fasting. That being said, you could always reach out to your practitioner or consider an appointment with Dr. Adam Wuollet at our NewBiologyClinic.com

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Jenna on

What do you do for children, who can’t handle a fast?

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