Focus of Next Webinar Is Protection From EMFs

Focus of Next Webinar Is Protection From EMFs

We are still in the midst of perhaps the most profound change in our society that any of us have ever experienced, certainly in my lifetime. I am continuing to receive many questions and concerns from people, so I’ve decided to do another, shorter webinar, which will be next Thursday from 9 to 10 a.m. Pacific. More details will be shared when we have them.

In this webinar, I won’t be answering any live questions, but I’ll address the main questions I have been hearing from my listeners and patients. My intention is to spend a few minutes on how we know whether a cluster of sickness is caused by an infection, how and why sickness spreads, and a few other comments on the history of the germ theory. This part will be brief. I’ll then touch on what I am calling “Level Three,” the level physicists tell us is the fundamental basis of our reality. I will address how and why this way of seeing things gives a very clear and cogent understanding of current events.

The bulk of the talk will be on how to protect yourself and your family from EMF pollution. While I freely admit that this topic is hugely controversial, and I am far from having all the answers, I do believe I have some principles to share that will be helpful.

During the coming week, if any of you have any direct information you can share about the work of architect Ibrahim Karim, which is called BioGeometry, I would appreciate your emailing me as soon as possible.

Finally, to support your well-being, I have “homework” assignments for everyone for this week (of course, “homework” is optional!):

  1. Consume at least one cup of bone broth every day
  2. Consume at least one cup (or the equivalent) of a full-fat, pastured, cultured dairy product every day, such as yogurt, kefir or raw-milk cheese. Also, eat as much grass-fed, pastured butter or ghee as you can each day.
  3. Eat fermented vegetables every day.
  4. Avoid all screens and wireless devices as much as possible. No wireless usage is best.
  5. Get out in the sunshine and wind as much as possible.
  6. Walk barefoot on the grass or sand as much as possible.
  7. Drink the cleanest, healthiest water you can find, following the guidelines I laid out in the previous webinar.
  8. Do or say something to help someone else (other than a family member), without any expectation of reward.
  9. Finally, read aloud at least once the Grimms version of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. The Disney or video versions are NOT a replacement.  Read it to your children, and if they don’t like it, read it to them when they are asleep. Read the entire story, start to finish, out loud. Read it to your whole family; if you are alone, read it out loud to yourself. At the end of the next webinar, I will explain how and why Sleeping Beauty is the antidote to the troubles of our time.

Image: “Vitamin texture” by bradipo is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

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Please feel free to view the webinar at this address:

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Was this webinar recorded?
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Where to find this webinar?

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