Forging Ahead with Alternative Media Channels

Forging Ahead with Alternative Media Channels

My dear friends, if you were listening to my livestream broadcast yesterday or looked for the recording later on, you are aware that YouTube removed the video while I was still broadcasting and erased my YouTube channel. This is not entirely unexpected; this censorship is meant to suppress the scientific process, not advance it. As a species, humans must continue to challenge what we think we “know,” so we can expand our knowledge and understanding of ourselves, our world and our role in the cosmos. Why conventional medicine is okay with changing the narrative on whether eggs or coffee are healthy for us, but bacteria and viruses are off the table is anyone’s guess. But I do know that freedom of thought and expression is the only path toward enlightenment. It is a lifelong journey, not a destination.

I am committed to continuing this journey, joyfully, with all of you. That means that we will be primarily using alternative media channels for future broadcasts. Next week, we will announce some additional channels where we will host livestreams and you will be able to find our content. For now, please visit the learning section of my website and follow us on BitChute at for a near-complete library of past content. We will continue to post on all our available mainstream social media channels, but they will be limited in scope to general information and alerts about new alt channel content.

I may not have much faith in the integrity of the mainstream narrative, but I have faith in my community and the legions of brave doctors, scientists and critical thinkers who continue to bravely forge ahead toward the betterment of health and wellness for all living things.

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