Happy Spring

Happy Spring

With spring comes new life, new ventures and renewed energy for deferred projects. This past year has been a life-changing year for many, if not most of us, as the imperfect world we knew got flipped on its head. In many ways, that was a good thing, as we all knew in our hearts that the old ways couldn’t possibly last.

Mostly, though, we didn’t quite see the pain and the level of deception that we would have to go through to emerge out of this mess. But like the caterpillar who must go through the confinement of being imprisoned in a cocoon, if all goes well, someday a beautiful butterfly will emerge. I’m betting on that outcome.

The core principle of the Dr. Tom Cowan company is to give you the information and tools to weather this cocoon phase as we emerge into a new state of health, understanding and life. Sometimes this information comes in the form of talks or webinars, sometimes in interviews or podcasts, occasionally in the form of a book, and sometimes in the form of procuring hard-to-find products that will enhance your life. This is my personal mission: to find the people who create things that make our lives better, richer, more human.

Such things might be an Aeolian wind harp to create healing energy for our gardens, or energized sea water to supply us with hard-to-obtain minerals. We are guided by the principle of high quality and high quality only. I am a believer in the science of life, not the usual science that examines only what is already dead and sees us as materialistic beings who somehow became animated.

Please join us on our Subscribe Star platform as we build a place where people of like mind and good hearts can meet and consider ways to cooperate and build new lives together.


Tom and the DTC team

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