Introducing Shilajit, The

Introducing Shilajit, The "Universal Medicine"

A Concentrated Source of Minerals and Humic Acids

I am very pleased to introduce the first new product of the new year, a product born out of fellowship with Dr. Andrew Kaufman. Shilajit (also called mumijo) is a black, tarry substance that oozes out of the mountains, primarily in central Asia. In those locations, shilajit was considered a homunculus, in other words, a universal medicine. It is one of the foundation remedies of Ayurvedic and traditional Asian medical practices. The reason for its status has everything to do with how it is created in nature.

These ancient mountainous areas used to be covered in large swaths of forests. Over time the forests were overtaken by the rocks and soil of the rising mountains. Because of the high pressure underneath these mountains, the plant life, including the trees, were eventually broken down into a kind of black “goop,” one that contains the important acids known as fulvic and humic acid. This goop slowly pulled many of the minerals into itself from the surrounding rocks, resulting in perhaps the most concentrated source on earth of minerals, trace elements and these valuable fulvic and humic acids.

This distillation of plant life is perhaps the most important mineral supplement that nature has ever created. But the real magic of shilajit is that because its more than 50 minerals are combined with fulvic and humic acids, the minerals are better absorbed than in any other preparation. The fulvic acid pulls the minerals deep into our tissues while the humic acid chelates toxic heavy metals from these same tissues. Essentially, it remineralizes our bodies while pulling out toxins that often cause ill health. It is no wonder that this was considered for centuries to be a universal healer.

The exciting work done by Dr. Kaufman and his team is that, as far as we know, this is the only domestically produced shilajit, and, more important, it is the only shilajit in which every step of the process, from harvesting to bottling, is known to us. In fact, only two people are involved in the harvesting, washing, purification, bottling and packaging of this product. Therefore, we know that it is completely safe and free of all contaminants.

This is a foundational supplement, one that can and probably should be taken by all those who wish to safeguard or improve their health. The usual dose is 6 to 10 drops right in your mouth or mixed with a little non-chlorinated water or tea once a day.

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Hi Dr. Cowan – thanks for all you do.

Opinion on taking while nursing?

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