Lactic-Acid Buildup is the Triggering Event

Lactic-Acid Buildup is the Triggering Event

Strophanthus Shown to Keep Cells ‘Charged,’
Which Affects Cancer Progression As Well

I want to thank everyone who has bought a copy of my new book, “Cancer and the New Biology of Water.” We are creeping up in the rankings on Amazon, and the next step is for as many people as possible to write reviews of the book on Amazon. I have started the interview-summit-podcast circuit around the new book, so look for these coming out soon on natural and holistic medicine sites. As always, I value most your direct feedback and questions for me.

Today, I would like to share again the cause of heart attacks and the use of strophanthus in the treatment and prevention of heart disease, first published in the Townsend Letter. The reason is that over time it is easy to slip back into the old mode of thinking that all heart disease and heart attacks are caused by blocked coronary arteries. We keep hearing this from various sources, even though studies keep coming out showing it is inaccurate. As I have pointed out before, a Lancet 2018 study showed that stent placement, the predominant therapy for blocked arteries, shows no benefit for those not suffering from an acute MI (heart attack) with preserved mycocardial (heart) function. This is exactly the situation for more than 90 percent of the stents that are placed.

Also, I think it’s helpful to revisit the mechanism by which strophanthus extracts prevent the evolution of heart disease. By converting the lactic acid buildup in the heart muscle into pyruvate, strophanthus stops the chest pain and the progression of damage to the heart muscle. In my new cancer book, I discuss the many interesting reports and studies that link strophanthus use to positive outcomes for cancer patients as well. It seems that lactic acid build-up in cancer patients is one of the main ways that metastasis comes about.

The healing properties of strophanthus are just beginning to be unlocked. Bringing the benefits of this amazing plant to widespread awareness and use is one of the guiding principles of my work.

As always, your stories about your experiences with our strophanthus extracts or capsules are a valuable contribution to this effort to bring healing medicines to people dealing with these unfortunately all-too common diseases, cancer and heart disease.

Our strophanthus-seed extracts are made from wild and hand-harvested seeds of the strophanthus gratus plant. Native to Africa and Madagascar, the plant contains seeds that have an active ingredient, called ouabain, which has been used to support heart function for more than a century. The three main actions of strophanthus-seed extracts/ouabain are to support parasympathetic nervous system function, improve the microcirculation in the heart and convert the lactic acid that builds up and poisons the heart into pyruvate, the preferred fuel of the heart. These physiological foundations help with several types of heart disease.

For health-care practitioners looking to incorporate strophanthus into their practice, please contact us through our website Contact Us page to learn more about our practitioner discount program and ask any questions you might have.

If you’re interested in taking strophanthus for personal-health reasons, we advise you to speak to your health-care practitioner before ordering, as we also recommend for incorporating any new medicines or supplements.

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