Tom Talks Vegetables and Viruses on

Tom Talks Vegetables and Viruses on "Ben Greenfield Life"

Hi, everyone.

I want to urge you to listen to the recent interview I did with Ben Greenfield in its entirety. Ben is a brilliant interviewer and the best example of a person in the "holistic health" community making the effort to really understand the reality behind the virus delusion.

The reason I think it's so important that people understand the reality of viruses and the true causes of disease is that this understanding is the ONLY way out of the mess we are in; it is also the only way to ensure that the catastrophe of the past two years never happens again. To my chagrin, the leadership of the "anti-vax/medical freedom" movement has largely failed to show any interest in the actual science. Ben, to his credit, was the exception. Watch this interview, share it widely, and together we can end one of the central scientific delusions of our time.

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