Marine Plasma Water: One of Nature's Best Sources of Essential Minerals

Marine Plasma Water: One of Nature's Best Sources of Essential Minerals

When all is said and done, the only things that you can prove exist in our tissues are single-layer membranes, organized or coherent water, proteins/enzymes, vitamins, lipids, minerals and a nucleus housing our genetic material. Each of these components plays a crucial role in the proper organization and functioning of our tissues. 

If we are deficient in any of these crucial components or if the components are not in their proper, bioavailable form, our health suffers. Minerals are particularly crucial because if one or more essential minerals are deficient, we might absorb and retain toxic heavy metals to compensate for the specific mineral deficiency. This means that heavy-metal toxicity, so common in today’s world, is a combination of exposure to these toxins plus a co-existent mineral deficiency.  Few things are more important in regaining or maintaining optimal health than to make sure your consumption of important minerals is sufficient.

The next and important question is how to make these minerals bioavailable; in other words, what is the best way to consume minerals so they can be effectively used by our tissues? The clear answer is to run the minerals through a plant, and let them “process” them and render them easily absorbed by our tissues. Two important ways to accomplish this type of consumption are the supplement called Shilajit, which I have discussed previously, and Marine Plasma Drinkable Water

The basic idea behind Marine Plasma is that in very specific places in the open ocean, vortices are created that collect billions of simple plants called phytoplankton. These microscopic-sized plants use sunlight and minerals to create the most bio-available, mineral-rich liquid on earth. In my recent podcast interview with the owners and founders of Marine Plasma, you will hear exactly how they harvest this water, how they process it for consumption, and what dosages are recommended. 

This is a historic supplement, one that deserves a place in every home, for nothing is more fundamental to our health than the daily consumption of the most bioavailable source of all the minerals of the earth.   

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