New Study Affirms That Water Determines Expression of Our DNA

New Study Affirms That Water Determines Expression of Our DNA

[Update: Since this post was written, Dr. Cowan has continued his research, reviewed many new studies, and his thinking on the below topics continues to evolve. That is the essence of true science and he and his colleagues continue to fight for the freedom to question the medical dogma "du jour." Please refer to Dr. Cowan's most recent publications, blogs and videos for additional context.]

One of the many benefits of publishing a book is that it often begins the real education about the subject. After the heart book, I received leads on new ways to understand the heart, structured water and heart-brain connections, most of which I hadn’t known existed. After the autoimmunity book, I joined groups that are working on vaccine issues, as well as vaccine freedom, and as a result know more about all things related to vaccines than I ever dreamed possible. Similarly, with the launch (today* — finally!) of my new book on cancer, “Cancer and the New Biology of Water,” and the interviews that result from a book launch, I sense that my understanding about cancer is going to explode.

This week, I am doing an interview with radio host and activist Gary Null. In preparation for the interview, one of his staff members sent me an article* about a study published two weeks ago in the journal PNAS, which speaks to one of the central issues I raise in my cancer book. That is, that all living beings carry within them a “life force,” and that this life force resides in the water in our cells and tissues. I further postulated in my book that the small amount of water in the nuclei of our cells actually controls the expression of our DNA, which conventional oncology fingers as the root cause of cancer – abnormal gene expression. It changes everything when we learn that it is the water — structured water — in our cells that determines this gene expression. Here are some quotes from the article:

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, disprove the prevailing theory of how DNA binds itself. It is not, as is generally believed, hydrogen bonds which bind together the two sides of the DNA structure. Instead, water is the key.The discovery opens doors for new understanding in research in medicine and life sciences. The researchers’ findings are presented in the journal PNAS.

The binding of the DNA determines the structure of the DNA, and the structure determines how the DNA is expressed. These researchers present clear evidence that the real force behind the binding of the DNA is water.

Also from the article:

“To understand cancer, we need to understand how DNA repairs.To understand that, we first need to understand DNA itself,” says Bobo Feng. “So far, we have not, because we believed that hydrogen bonds were what held it together. Now, we have shown that instead it is the hydrophobic forces which lie behind it. We have also shown that DNA behaves totally differently in a hydrophobic environment. This could help us to understand DNA, and how it repairs. Nobody has previously placed DNA in a hydrophobic environment like this and studied how it behaves, so it’s not surprising that nobody has discovered this until now.”

If we substitute the term “hydrophobic forces” for the forces behind structured water, we begin to see that, in fact, water is the key. It is, therefore, not a leap to say that the water inside our cells is the key to health.

In my new book, I describe the role of water in health and cancer in great detail.  I describe the principles and activities that promote healthy gels in our cells as well as the forces that destroy the healthy formation of water and therefore create the conditions for disease to arise. Water is the key to biology, it is the essence of life.  It’s about time we put water back in its rightful place as the center of our biological and spiritual life.

“Water is a mirror reflecting our mind.” —  Japanese proverb
“Water sustains all.” — From Goethe’s “Faust,” enunciated by Green Philosopher Thales of Miletus.

Again, I thank everyone for your support, and I would be most grateful if you purchased my new book today. Today — finally! — is the official launch on Amazon and by the publisher, Chelsea Green.


DNA is Held Together by Hydrophobic Forces
Chalmers University of Technology
Published in PNAS

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