Now More Than Ever, Detoxification Is Crucial For Health

Now More Than Ever, Detoxification Is Crucial For Health

A realistic understanding of how and why any living organism gets sick must start with the idea that starvation and poisoning are two main causes. In a remarkable ironic twist, this fact is actually demonstrated in the practices of modern virology.

If we investigate the question of how virologists “prove” that a virus causes disease, it goes like this. A virologist takes a sample from a sick person, usually either mucus, lung secretions, blood or urine. Then they centrifuge this mixture of cellular debris, viruses, bacteria, possibly fungal components, genetic material and whatever toxins were present in the person who is sick. The centrifuged components are then inoculated on a tissue culture usually derived from monkey kidney cells, fetal tissue, cancer cells or egg yolks. Then, and this is key, the virus is not able to grow on the tissue culture if it is simply inoculated onto the tissue. In other words, the viruses that we are told will kill us all are actually not potent enough to grow on and kill a sample of egg tissue in the laboratory — unless the virologist first starves (withdraws nutrients from the tissue culture) and poisons (with antibiotics and strong oxidizing agents like bleach) the tissues. The tissue, of course, disintegrates into its myriad cellular components, spewing out its genetic material into the final unpurified mess.

Interesting to note is that when one does a careful control and uses saline as the initial inoculant, the starved and poisoned tissue is killed and disintegrates in the same fashion. It is not the “virus” that is killing the tissue, it is the starving and poisoning. Somehow, this has escaped the attention of the entire medical community.

So it is with us. When we are starved — for nutrients, love, acceptance, warmth, shelter, security, peace, cholesterol, minerals and many, many other things — we get sick. This outcome has been proven over and over again with such diseases as scurvy, beriberi, pellagra and many others.  Then, as in the viral culture, if one introduces a toxin, the starved organism will deteriorate and sicken even more. The type of poisons are many; it could be glyphosate, arsenic, lead, mercury, aluminum in vaccines or in the air, or the many forms of electromagnetic-field poisoning that is threatening our world. The point is, sickness should be considered a consequence of starvation or poisoning until proven otherwise. The bacteria are there to clean up the dead tissue; the “viruses” arise to communicate the type of starvation or poisoning that has occurred.

With this background, it makes sense why detoxifying is such a core strategy for health. To help with this process, Raw Revelations has created a product called Detoxify, which contains charcoal made from coconut; a type of brown algae known for its ability to bind and render harmless radiation exposure; zeolite, which binds and facilitates the excretion of many metallic toxins; and shilajit, perhaps the premier detoxifying agent known. Shilajit is basically compressed plant material that oozes out of the cracks deep in the Himalayan Mountains. Used for centuries as a healing food, it is rich in minerals and organic components that bind to and help excrete a wide variety of toxins.

Detoxify is not a treatment for any particular disease. It is a universal and gentle detoxifier appropriate for any person who is either ill or who strives to avoid sickness. The usual dose is ¼ to 1 teaspoon in any liquid twice a day, depending on your individual reaction.

As always, be well, and keep in touch.

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Maggie on

Hi Dr. Cowan!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am so grateful for your work and all you provide for human health.

I have a question regarding hair loss after “con-vid” a lot of women I know, myself included are having massive hair loss 3-4 months post poisoning. I feel it’s the radiation. There’s also a weird burnt smell emanating from our bodies. Lots of women online have been reporting this too. What can we do in addition to detoxing?

Thank you!

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