Six Strategies to Keep Your Immune System (Detox Pathways) Strong

Six Strategies to Keep Your Immune System (Detox Pathways) Strong

Limit Exposure to Toxins

Clearly, everyone’s attention is on the current crisis going on worldwide. It is important to remember that our detox pathways are largely responsible for clearing toxins and “debris” from our cells and tissues. The less burdened our bodies are with toxins, the better we can respond to symptoms of illness.  With this in mind, here are the six things I do to try to keep my "immune system"  (detoxification pathways) as strong as possible.

  1. Exposure to sunshine and grounding as a treatment for illness is about as old as humankind itself. During this time of the year, exposing as much of your body as feasible to sunshine around mid-day is a good practice for everyone, as is standing or sitting with bare feet directly on exposed natural earth. In lieu of that, we can use vitamin D3/K2, such as the one from Quicksilver Scientific.
  2. Pure water. The modern consumption of water is a tragic source of toxic exposure rather than what nature intended, which is the replenishment and cleansing of our cells. The best water should be completely pure of toxic impurities, mineralized with sea minerals, structured and oxygenated. The only water I know that fits this bill is from
  3. Pure diet. By “pure,” I mean a diet free of chemicals, processed foods, or food grown on depleted soils. Specifically, I have long held that we should all be eating a “Nourishing Traditions” diet tailored to our own needs and tastes.
  4. Regular sweating. Sweating, generally done through either exertion or through saunas, is one of the prime ways we clear our bodies of toxins and increase the healing warmth of our bodies. I use Sauna Space red light lamps, which can be used as single lamps or, better yet, as a full sauna unit.
  5. Vitamin C. While generally thought of as immune support, vitamin C is also a potent detoxifier. The most absorbable form is liposomal vitamin C, in which the ascorbic acid is “dissolved” in a fatty shell to aid passage through the intestinal wall. The dose varies, but 500 mg to 5,000 mg a day is the usual range for children through adults.
  6. The role of mushrooms in nature is to break down that which has died and recycle it back into the stream of life. My favorite medicinal mushrooms are either chaga or the Immunity Matrix blends we carry in our store.

These six steps should form the basis of our daily lives and are invaluable aids in times where extra detoxification and "immune" support are needed.

In health,
Tom Cowan, M.D.

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