Sunshine by Day, Candlelight by Night

Sunshine by Day, Candlelight by Night

The new biology that humanity is moving toward revolves around an accurate conception of the living human being. In the old model, we are a kind of biochemistry set, whose guiding principles are random "collisions," probabilities and purposeless occurrences. In the new biology, we see that we are coherent energy systems that take information from the world around us, "download" this information into the structured water of our cells and tissues and create a unified living system as a result.

Probably the most important type of information we receive is through light, in particular, the light from the sun. The sun's light is an incandescent light, a type of "burning." This light contains much different wavelengths, frequencies and information than those emitted by an electric light bulb. This incandescent flame conveys the warmth and light that nourish our bodies and our souls. The infra-red wavelengths of incandescent flames stimulate our mitochondria to consume oxygen as they create the ATP and water needed for our lives. It is this incandescent flame that has always nourished people.

In our home, we try to reduce our exposure to electric lights after dark as much as possible. Instead, we use either candles made from real beeswax or the red, incandescent lights made by Sauna Space (use code DRCOWAN5 for 5% off). Candles give off a gentle, soothing, healing warmth and light; they aid in the transition to sleep, and they work with our natural circadian rhythms. When burning candles, it is important, just as it is with all our food, to choose the best quality. We don't want to burn soy candles made from GMO soy, soaked in glyphosate. This is neither good for the earth nor good for us.

For this reason, we have decided to partner with the Busy Bees Candle Co., a small group of entrepreneurs who are making the type of candles we burn in our home. The candles are made from pure beeswax — no additives, no chemicals, no fillers, no poison. They are the healthiest, most natural, most environmentally friendly way to illuminate our evening homes. Please join me in supporting another home-grown initiative that supports our efforts to co-create a healthy world.

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Anonymous on

Hello Leslie,

Thank you for your comment. The light bank Tom mentioned is the Mars UV lamp. Feel free to view it here:

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Leslie on

I was hoping that you might mention the “ light bank”….that you talked about in a weekly webinar in held it up..but I did not get the name or where to find it.

Anonymous on

Hello Michele, Thank you for commenting. Dr. Cowan spoke about flooring in the following webinar:

Customer Support,

LG Allen on

Very logical thinking Tom. What do you think about Himalayan salt lamps? I bought a couple since we needed a couple of night lights for my wife and baby. They work really well and are non-led bulbs. We replaced our LED bulbs over three years ago with traditional incandescent bulbs. When we tell people that it is much better for the eyes to use incandescent they look at us little with an odd look on their faces. I typically hand them a bulb and tell them to replace their current bulb in their bathroom and see the difference on their eyes.

Susan Schanen on

Thank you for your life work, work of your life. So very Heartened, feeling this deeply, every blessing, s

Michele Moon on

Enjoyed reading about your natural candles. Now trying to figure out a flooring throughout my home that will go along with the philosophy of the candles. Environmentally friendly and with no chemicals. Would appreciate your input. I’m a follower of you and would appreciate input. Thank you. 🦋

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