Thank You For Joining Me In My Explorations

Thank You For Joining Me In My Explorations

As we approach the end of the year and the season of giving thanks, I realize just how much I have to be thankful for. Not only do I get to "work" for a wonderful and forward-thinking company, but I also get to be part of a team that believes in what we are doing and carries out our mission with skill, humor and good cheer. I also get to be part of a network of small entrepreneurs who make everything from herbal tinctures and extracts, to shower heads, to water wands, to hand-made strophanthus capsules and on and on. 

Finally, I am grateful for all the people whose lives we have touched. It is no exaggeration to report that at the recent Weston A. Price conference, dozens and dozens of people came up to me to express gratitude for what we are doing and how much we have affected their lives. That feedback is what makes it all worthwhile. 

We all know we have enormous hills to climb, huge battles to wage and many mysteries to explore. We all know our world has "gone crazy" in an unprecedented way in our lifetime. We are all looking for secure ground to stand on, a place to feel safe and secure. But maybe this adventure is not primarily about safety and security. Maybe we are here to grow, evolve, learn, explore and — more than anything — push our boundaries. There is a great sense of accomplishment when we set out to push our limits as far as they will go. For some, this push happens in the realm of physical challenges. For others, it happens in the artistic or musical realm, and for me, it happens in the realm of ideas. I want and continue to be fascinated by the simple questions, how are we made, what are we made of, what makes us well and what makes us sick. Beyond that, what does sickness even mean, as maybe it's simply a part of the road back to health.  

What has been so wonderful about this journey is that in the past two to three years, so many of you have joined me and participated in my explorations. You listen to my rambling webinars, tune into my podcasts, and leave insightful comments on both. I read them all, every single comment, even the nasty ones. I care what you all think, and believe me, most of my next steps have come from following the leads of both my supporters and my critics. I am grateful to both.

We might have a long journey ahead, this coming year might not be easy, but if we keep our connection, if you keep giving me feedback, keep holding my feet to the fire, keep listening and responding, we can find our way.

Our whole team and I are grateful beyond words to all of you who take the time and make the effort to interact and support our work. As a small token of our appreciation, we again offer our annual Thanksgiving sale, with the hopes that this will allow more of our friends to avail themselves of the amazing products we are able to offer. 

With gratitude,

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Mark Humphrey on

No one needs to hold your feet to the fire, Tom.

I appreciate the understanding you and others have achieved and patiently explained regarding circular reasoning and fatal contradictions built into the virus hypothesis. The truth is always important—it’s a lifeline—and I would never have figured this out on my own.

Betsey Norton on

I too am thankful in a way for the pandemic, as I knew it was fishy (Walmart is not “safer” than a mom and pop store!!! I have always mistrusted the government as I knew they killed my peace heroes in the 60’s. I am a retired RN with some graduate work plus all the prior education in allopathic medicine.
I found you when I started reading about the fact it had never been isolated and started digging. I found you and dr. Andy and have started incorporating some changes in my life after I read about water. I have high BP so this discussion was fascinating enough that I went on a 7 day water only fast. Now I am doing the dehydration protocol and ordered your hybiscus syrup and beet root powder. On day 7 in the evening, even though I rarely make 4 qts, frequently 3, I checked by BP again as my goal is to get off the meds. It was 81/53!!! I got up and brushed my teeth and the systolic went to 100. This morning I dropped one of the three metaprolol 100mg. I am on 2 others as well. I knew I was very dehydrated , coffee in the morning , a few glasses of wine at night. Quit them both!!!
I am so encouraged as no one had suggested what you and dr. Kaufman do and it is working! I will continue to go slow, but I am not stopping the protocol at 30 days, if I have further to go. Anyway, I am regaining my sense of thirst and that is wonderful. I owe you and Dr. Andy so many thanks as you have brought real change in my health. Not that I didn’t know water was important, but you both drove that point home enough to convince me!!! Thanks and keep up the good work. Wish I lived near you, I am in S. Oregon. Take care , you are so loved and respected.

Sarah P Mcclennen on

Dr Cowan,
Thank you so much for being my family’s doctor for 16 years staring in 1988 after the birth of my fat child Vincent. In 1990, my second child Margaret came along. Your wisdom has always guided me and many times I revisit your books and advise to me over the years. Seeing you at the WAP conference and listening to your talks brought a feeling of calm. I knew I was listening to the truth. Thank you for continuing to search for the truth!
At the conference you played two songs which moved me very deeply. I found the first one and listen to it regularly, and it brings a great release and peace. I cannot find Alleluia on the artists web site. Is there a way to purchase the track of this song. I would really like to listen to it daily as a reminder of connection to like minded souls and to all that I am grateful for in my life.
Please let me know if this s possible.
I will continue to listen and stay connected! I just doubled the size of my garden and cannot wait for spring!
With gratitude,

Angie on

Deeply grateful for the work you do, Dr. Cowan. You’ve revolutionized my health and my idea of health.

Ashley Hathaway in beautiful Napa Valley on

Tom ~
What a wonderful and thoughtful message. You are loved, honored and respected by so many humans throughout the world and you know you always have our support, regardless of how bad it might get as you progress with more ideas, podcasts, webinars and musings! In looking back, I have known you for over 17 years and there hasn’t been a single moment I have ever thought you were not doing honest, noble work. Please keep standing your ground and being true… and never ever give up (until you find a Unicorn in the sky)! OXOXOX

Alex on

In a very real sense, I’m thankful for the scamdemic. Not only did it expose the bad actors, but I have also learned a lot more about health, and the utter depravity of the allopathic medical system than before. I already knew about pasteur vs. bechamp, but I didn’t know that there was no proof viruses existed. Thank you for your work, and the work of others, in better understanding health and dis-ease.

Pamela Sue on

Thank you for being a lighthouse of truth shining brightly to navigate us out of the stormy sea of lies and greed that enslave us in fear around myths concerning contagion.

Sue on

The thank yous are going back and forth but isn’t it just so amazing the connections that have and are being made across the miles… the resonance …. the coherence… the reaffirmation of one’s own being as a part of the whole.

Dean Copa on

We REALLY REALLY Appreciate You !!! Thank You For Keep Going !!!

Phil Jones on

It was more than 2 years ago that I got to see a Youtube video of you being interviewed by Aubrey Marcus. I was lucky that day; I sensed the whole Covid campaign was about control, but I had very little knowledge of medicine or virology. I read the Contagion Myth which set me on a path to learn as much as I could.

Though I am estranged from my family and friends that were my circle of people before the Covid scam I’m not sad. Every day is an opportunity to gain knowledge and I am so thankful that I stumbled upon that interview you did with Aubrey Marcus.

Mary Christenson on

You have been a godsend to me personally and also to seven of my extended family – you helped us re-orient around health, even in the face of some pretty dire states of dis-ease. We each have had something uniquely ours and you helped us see its essential imbalance. Healing with food, mentally clear messages, supplements and movement is a great gift. None of us are drug dependent and all of us realize that our health is largely our responsibility. I love all the new topics you’ve brought in your webinars, books and analyses. Very stimulating! So thank you, and all of your team for building up this amazing platform of education and connection and excellent resources. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and coming holiday season.


Tom I appreciate your questioning that uncovers so many things that have been misrepresented and hidden for so long which then allows me to see life and all it embraces through a different lens that opens up so much more than we have known until now..
I listened to your interview with Patrick Gentempo and am interested to understand in more depth your thoughts on transhumanism and quartz.

Brian Root on

Tom, if we hold your feet to the fire, and they blister, which product would you use on yourself?

diane on

Tom , my gratitude to you , truly . you have taken so much fear from this world , exposed its simplicity and magic , and have helped us to stand strong and secure with hope in an outgoing tide of rage and insanity . my hat is off to you , thank you !

Rupert Twine on

Many, many thanks for exposing Virology as the unscientific nonsense that it is. Learning is SOOO empowering. I can’t thank you enough!

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