Thank You for Joining Our Search for What's Real and True

Thank You for Joining Our Search for What's Real and True

Happy spring, everyone! 

Recently, I've been telling a story that I borrowed from a friend because it demonstrates such an important and all-too-pervasive phenomenon: scientific illiteracy. Sadly, scientists and doctors are among the worst offenders.

Imagine you are an 18-year-old Asian-looking fellow. One day, you rummage through the closet of your two Caucasian-looking parents and find adoption papers. These papers give clear evidence that you were born in China and adopted by your current parents early in your life. You had never heard about this. You go to your parents and ask whether you were born in China and adopted, and they say, yes, and they had just been waiting for the right time to break the news to you. This news, of course, clears up why your appearance is so different from your parents.

Later that day, you go to see your best friend to tell him the news. To your surprise, he says, "So who are your real parents?"  You reply, "I have no idea. I was born somewhere in China, given up at birth and placed in an orphanage." In fact, you realize you might never find your biological parents. 

Again, to your shock, your friend says, "Until you can tell me who your real parents are, I won't believe you were adopted." This response indicates a bizarre, irrational and anti-scientific way of thinking. Science, logic and rational thinking are grounded in the investigation of claims, sometimes called hypotheses. Your doctor claims your cough is caused by a "virus." The burden of proof is on him or her to prove this claim. You have no obligation to provide an alternative explanation for why you have a cough. 

If there is anything I've learned in the "Covid" era, it is that the magic of learning how our world actually works is to stick to this first principle of science: Investigate claims, attempt to prove them false, and if they can't be proven one way or the other, they are not science but belief. This distinction should never be lost.

By sticking rigorously to this methodology, I have been able to demonstrate that viruses have never been shown to exist; "germs" have never been shown to cause illness; and ribosomes, synapses in nerves, lipid-bilayer membranes around cells, and stable DNA as the hereditary blueprint for our organisms are all disproven "stories." These structures either have never been shown to exist or, as in the case of DNA, to function as we've been told. 

This kind of myth-making or story telling doesn't stop with biology and medicine. It also permeates physics, economics, politics and just about every other aspect of our lives. If I have one message to the world, it is that, as far as I can see, we cannot create a healthy, vibrant, peaceful world that is based on lies and misconceptions. As many others have pointed out, only truth will lead us to the creation of the world that we would all want to live in.

Clearly, this road to truth and reality is hard and fraught with minefields and traps.  Therefore, it is imperative that anyone walking this path do so with humility, awe and wonder. Once you adopt the attitude of sheer wonder in what you might find in your quest, everything will start to look and seem different. The way you see the world will change, and you will accept truth and reality only as best you can perceive them. Everything else gets pushed aside. 

Within our business,, this quest for reality is the foundation of what we do. How does the human body really work? What actually causes us to be ill? How do we heal? We're not satisfied with the usual, unsubstantiated answers. We seek, instead, insight into how nature and the living beings who inhabit this realm actually function. This approach has led us to investigate various healing substances, "energy" devices, strategies to help organize or structure our water, and so on. These findings we attempt to explain and to offer to our wonderful listeners and customers. We see this as a voyage we are taking together; none of us knows the answers or even the route as we go, but we trust that this journey will be more fruitful, productive and fun when taken together. 

All this to say how grateful we are — and I am — for your interest in our work and your joining our journey. Without you, we would just be spinning our wheels. 



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Patrick Quenby on

Thank you so much Tom
You, Andy, Sam & Mark and the “no virus” team, are bringing love, light, and truth to a lied to and deluded world.
There is a wind of change happening thanks to you guys.

Nina on

So happy to be on this voyage with you and the rest of us!

Connie on

Thank you!! I love the way you think and am happy to follow you and your advice……….keep it up, I know it’s hard!

Ladd on

I love this quote, Tom. It could be your motto:
“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.”
—Henry David Thoreau

Ilene on

Tom, I am so very grateful for you. When Convid came along, I knew it was just a control tactic. There was only 1 other man that realized it like I did, not my husband or family, so I felt like I was the only one seeing through this in a world of craziness. I did a frantic search on the internet for others and found you. Your voice of confidence that this was fraud was so reassuring and saved my sanity. I went to the meeting you had with Richard’s group in Poughkeepsie and began really getting that there was no virus. My fear vanished and my education into what is true and verifiable began. The community you have built is invaluable to my sanity, connection and education. My world view has changed. I am sooo with you on this journey and honored to be. I am sure everyone else has a similar story. I can’t thank you enough. Endless love to you and yours.

Lotta on

Beautiful!! And true… Extremely grateful to be able to join you on this journey.

Jamie on

Thank you Tom ❤️

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