The Book Born of the Biggest Intellectual Challenge of My Life

The Book Born of the Biggest Intellectual Challenge of My Life

Dear friends,

We are living in an unprecedented and perilous time in history. Never before that I know of has the full fury and power of “science,” “medicine” and technology been unleashed to control the lives of so many people. As many of you know, I have somewhat reluctantly been thrust into a role of examining the facts behind the “science” and “medicine” surrounding the Covid-19 crisis. This examination has been the intellectual challenge of my life. Although I don’t pretend I have all the answers or the full truth, I do believe I have something important to contribute. It is in that spirit of contribution that some months ago, my dear friend and colleague Sally Fallon Morell and I decided to write a book detailing the history of the real science of contagious disease, including Covid-19. It will be published September 15. What we found might be shocking and even hard to fathom for many, but I can assure you that our findings are based on meticulous research, not the dogma of germ theory. We want the information in this book to become part of an open, honest, public debate, an integral part of a serious and scientific dialogue.

To that end, we are asking everyone we know to purchase a copy of our book, The Contagion Myth. Read it yourself, read it again, send me your feedback, comments, and questions. Give a copy to your friends, family members, health-care providers, and government officials. I will continue to speak out, but I need your help.

We are at a turning point in history. Like the mythical Phoenix, we can rise up and create a more beautiful world, one based in trust, compassion, mutual aid, and a profound connection to the needs of all life. But, this more beautiful future will be born only from an intentional and collective effort to see and think clearly and to act with confidence and courage.

Join me, please.

All the best,

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