The Flaska Water Bottle Helps Structure the Water It Contains

The Flaska Water Bottle Helps Structure the Water It Contains

‘Thank You From the Heart’

Years ago, in my quest to find the “perfect” water solutions, I came across the work of Masaru Emoto and his book “Messages From Water.” More than a decade ago, I saw a slide show that Emoto gave, and in many ways, his presentation solidified my interest in water and, in particular, the ability of water to carry information.

The fundamental message Emoto was bringing is that shapes, forms, geometric patterns, thoughts, feelings and many other influences can affect the qualities and health of the water. Emoto demonstrated this phenomenon by learning how to crystallize water, which conveyed the degree of structure of the water. For example, he would put water into a jar and tape the words “I hate you” onto the bottle. When he did a crystallization image of the water, he found it was disorganized, distorted and had a distinctly toxic appearance. In contrast, when he taped the message “Thank you” onto the bottle, an entirely different and wonderful crystallization image emerged.

His work affirms that water is the receiver of energies that surround us. Water takes these energies and organizes them into either life-serving or life-destroying forms. As this video demonstrates, this concept is actually clearly and easily proven. It’s this concept that inspired the Flaska water bottle company. Headquartered in the small country of Slovenia, the Flaska water bottle company set out to use the concepts of sacred geometry to create a bottle that imprints a healthy structure into any water that it contains. Obviously, a Flaska water bottle does not purify the water in the sense of removing toxins, and this is clearly an important step. But, because of its unique shape, the type of glass used and the message imprinted on the bottle, it has been shown to increase the health, life and structure of the water it contains. For many years, I have used a Flaska water bottle as the only way I carry water outside of the home.

When we had the chance to partner with the Flaska company and imprint our own signature on our bottles, we took it. We imprinted the chestahedron logo that represents the form and energy of the heart onto the sleeve, along with the simple message “Thank you.” For me, this message — thank you from the heart —is the primary message the world needs to hear at this critical moment in our history. We are beings of water, and the forms and structures of the world around us provide the energy that our body’s water uses to support and sustain life. From my heart, I am grateful to the water of the world for giving me life.

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