The Wand That Creates Coherent Water (Analemma Water Wand)

The Wand That Creates Coherent Water (Analemma Water Wand)

It Strengthens the Water’s Light Emittance

The fundamental misconception of modern science and medicine is encapsulated in the frequently heard phrase in medical school, “If you can’t measure it, it’s not real.” In many ways, this statement is the philosophical basis of our modern world view. But what about love? Courage? Tenderness? If they can’t be measured or quantified, does that mean they’re not real?

The surprising reality is that any measurement, any quantitative evaluation, is always an approximation. As an example, if I were to measure the width of my computer, I could say it’s 24 inches. But if I used a magnifying glass, I might see that it’s actually 24.1 inches. Then if I got a microscope, it turns out it’s 24.0926 inches, and so on. In other words, while measurement is a useful concept for making a chicken coop or baking bread, it is NEVER really accurate.

Furthermore, quantitative measurement is often an inappropriate way to understand living systems. Living systems are, instead, condensed energy systems that defy understanding through quantitative measurements. No one marries this woman or this man because they have six more hydrogen atoms in their body than the next person. No one eats this biodynamic carrot instead of that GMO carrot because of the number of sulfur atoms in the respective carrots. I’m not suggesting that these measurements aren’t of some interest and may even, to a certain extent, reflect the quality of the carrot or the person, but, clearly, living beings are fundamentally quality-sensing and quality-seeking beings.

Because science has no concept of quality, it has no way to measure quality, and scientists are left to conclude that quality doesn’t exist. In my podcast interview with Dolf Zantinge, the founder of the Water and Light Applications company in the Netherlands, he shared that his laboratory was developing a truly scientific means of measuring the quality of any living thing. The fundamental technique is to measure the biophoton (light emittance). The stronger the intensity of the light emitted and the wider the spectrum of the emitted light, the higher the quality of the object.

As an example, his team measured seeds collected from biodynamically prepared soil and plants, and they found that the seeds emitted a high intensity and wide spectrum of light. Then they tested GMO seeds and found low intensity and, crucially, a narrow spectrum of wavelengths emerging from the seeds. They checked both the taste of the plants grown from the respective seeds, as well as the nutrient content of the plants. As one would expect, the plants with the higher light intensity and the greater diversity of wavelengths tasted better and had more nutrients. His team knew they were developing a robust scientific technique of measuring quality.

Using these biophoton measurements, they were able to determine the highest quality water. The next step was to expose water to different influences to see how they could “produce” the water of the highest quality. After years of research, they were able to find the formula to make a water wand that, when stirred in any normal water, increases the intensity and spectrum of the biophoton emittance. They found that this treated water improved plant growth, increased the light emittance of plants, and increased the nutrient content of the plants.

They studied the effects of having people drink only water stirred with their Analemma water wand for three months. They found that this water reduced the subjects’ biological age, indicated by their glycosylated IgG levels, by three years.

Certainly, this is the very beginning of such research, but once an accurate measure of quality is found, the world becomes our oyster. We are thrilled to be the only company in the U.S. that is carrying the Analemma water wands. They are simple to use: just stir whatever water you are consuming with the wand for 10 to 30 seconds. This stirring sends an energetic signal that seems to help the water find a permanent, more coherent state. One wand should last a lifetime with proper care, which means, don’t break it, and charge it in the sunlight every so often.

We are in an exciting time for biology, as finally the qualitative study of life, something all traditional peoples knew by instinct, will become the foundation of the new biology and the new medicine.

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Dhyana on

Is rain water falling in a pristine environment structured water? How about a rushing mountain creek? Or does the water need to actually go through the ground?

Anonymous on

Hello Todd-Joseph: Pollard

Dr Cowan did not come up with the name for Analemma as it is a product created by a company of the same name that we carry on our website. To learn more, you can visit their website here:

Todd-Joseph: Pollard on

Dear Dr. Cowan,
What led you to choose the name Analemma?
How is it related to the graphic representation of “the position of the Sun in the sky at a single location and at the same time of the day throughout a year” (time and
Thank you

Anonymous on

Hello JP,

Thank you for your comment. Dolf and Tom discuss this in the following “Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends”:

Customer Support

Do The Hussle on

Biophoton measurements were developed by Dr. Fritz Albert Popp (Germany).
The ‘science community’ therefore dismissed him.
Saying we ‘eat’ Light, or the information it contains. Yours sincerely: an old german musician

JP on

It would be really nice if someone could explain how by stirring this wand inside a tap water jar, the water becomes coherent? How does that happen?

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