These Ancient Medicines Are Universal Tonics

These Ancient Medicines Are Universal Tonics

When evaluating a new medicine or treatment for my personal use or for us to carry on our online store, I use two core principles: It has to stand the test of time, or, it has to address core issues involved in sickness and healing. Our two new offerings, Polyrhachis Ant Tincture and Shilajit, both meet these criteria.

Polyrhachis Ant Spagyric Tincture is made from a specific type of ant, the Changbai Mountain Ant, then made into a spagyric or alchemically based tincture. It has been considered the "herb of kings" for many centuries. Although not technically an herb because it does not come from a plant, it has been used by Chinese royalty and “elite” classes for centuries.

Considered the premier energy tonic, it also conforms to the second principle because at its core, disease is a loss of energy. The Polyrhachis Ant is considered unusual in Chinese medicine because it supports all the postulated energy pathways. This makes it the premier longevity tonic, disease-prevention tonic, sexual tonic and much more. To put it simply, Polyrhachis Ant Spagyric Tincture -- derived from ants who are able to lift something like 600 times their own body weight -- helps give the user the strength and energy to fulfill their life's goals. That is the essence of a universal tonic medicine.

Shilajit occupies a similar position in Ayurvedic medicine. Again, this is a medicine in continuous use for centuries. Shilajit is the compressed plant matter that oozes out of the cracks of mountain rocks, having been prepared for countless eons. As the pressure inside the rocks builds up, it compresses the dying plant matter on the mountains, eventually forming it into a thick "goo." This "goo" oozes out of the rocks, carrying the essence of the plants and the many minerals they pick up along the way.

Like Polyrhachis Ant, it contains most of the known minerals we need in our bodies, along with plant essences and the valuable and detoxifying fulvic and humic acids. It also is used as a longevity tonic, sexual tonic and energy tonic. In addition, perhaps because of the high concentration of fulvic and humic acids, it has a detoxifying and liver-tonic effect.

Both our Polyrhachis Ant Spagyric Tincture and our Shilajit 3X Strength Tincture are made for us by Phoenix Aurelius, a highly trained and skilled alchemist. They are tested to be free of contaminants, unlike some similar products on the market. Please use as directed on the bottles. Especially of note is the high concentration of our new Shilajit, which is three times the concentration of any previously sold Shilajit products.

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