They're Powerful Agents For Healing Blood Disorders (Beet-Root Powder and Hibiscus)

They're Powerful Agents For Healing Blood Disorders (Beet-Root Powder and Hibiscus)

Goethe, the true founder of Anthroposphy and considered by many to be the greatest European philosopher, urged us to learn to “read the book of nature.” He was not just giving impractical, philosophical advice. Rather, he was admonishing us to learn to think in a new way, a way he saw as crucial to our survival as an evolving species. But what does this new way of thinking entail, and how are we to learn it?

One aspect of this new thinking is to simply observe and experience the world with the consciousness of a young child rather than the hardened thinking patterns of overly schooled adults. When traditional sages, shamans, alchemists and philosophers described the world, they were not relying on chemical analysis or double-blind studies. Rather, they engaged with the world as a felt experience, one that evoked in them images, visions and dreams. From this awareness, they understood how nature’s bounty could be used to heal the suffering or illness of the human being.

I am not suggesting we discard science or our current scientific awareness. I do want to highlight, however, how accurate and insightful many of these old findings were, how they stand up to modern analysis. As an example, according to traditional wisdom, plants and crystals that have a deep-red color have a relationship with human blood. An alchemist saw the deep-red ruby as a beacon in nature that somehow could bring its healing forces into the person whose blood was ailing. Likewise, herbalists of old saw in the deep-red coloring of hibiscus and beets two plants whose “signature” was their effects on regulating disorders of the blood.

Modern scientific studies have now confirmed that the deep-red, polyphenol-rich, hibiscus extracts and the blood-red juice of beets are both powerful agents for normalizing disorders of the blood, in particular, elevated blood pressure. I have used our organic, cold-pressed, Hibiscus Concentrate made with structured water, along with our organic Beet-Root Juice Powder, to support people with abnormal blood pressure for years. Rarely, when used along with a good diet and regular exercise, do my patients have to resort to a lifetime of toxic blood-pressure drugs.

These two plants speak to deeper connections between the human being and the plant world. They come to us from olden times, yet they help heal one of modern time's most insidious ailments.

We are happy to be able to offer these two valuable plants, both produced into medicines with the utmost care, to our family and friends.

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