Through Transmutation, Cell Salts Create What Minerals We Need

Through Transmutation, Cell Salts Create What Minerals We Need

Maintaining the proper balance of minerals in our bodies is key to achieving good health. Minerals are used as cofactors in virtually all enzyme reactions in our bodies. Dissolved in our bodies' water, they create the electro-magnetic charge that is one of the hallmarks of life. Without an adequate supply and balance of minerals, we become like a battery that loses its charge; we are on the pathway to ill health, disease and death.

Also, because this mineral-based charge production is so key to all the processes we call "life," when our bodies are starved of minerals, we increase the absorption and retention of the more toxic heavy metals to try to facilitate the "charge." The way out of this conundrum is to give the body the normal, healthy minerals it needs. 

But there is a secret embedded in the story of the minerals, which is aligned with the story of life itself. We may hypothesize that the calcium or phosphorus or sodium or any mineral we ingest functions as that mineral in our bodies. In other words, the sodium we ingest becomes the sodium found in our bodies. However, the science of biological transmutations has proven that this assumption is simply not the case. We ingest minerals, then we transform them, literally transmuting them into whatever minerals we need in our tissues. This process has been proven through input-tissue studies with eggs hatching into chicks or with seeds sprouting in distilled water. The minerals found in the chicks or seedlings are different from the minerals in the egg or seed, even though the biological system is closed. To normal "science," this kind of transmutation of elements is not possible. Yet, it stands as a fact.

This discovery is where the cell salts come in. By ingesting homeopathic (6X) versions of the main minerals in our bodies, we are essentially giving ourselves the properties, energy or function of those minerals, not the physical minerals themselves. Our bodies will transmute the available salts into the minerals needed, an ongoing process in every living system. 

This transmutation-based replenishment thereby relieves the symptoms that would be associated with a deficiency of particular minerals. This approach is far different from treating a zinc deficiency with a zinc supplement, or a calcium deficiency with a calcium supplement. That is the old-biology way of thinking. It is not effective because it ignores the real source of the minerals in our bodies.

Yes, we need to supply the body with an adequate source of all the minerals. This need can be achieved through drinking our plasma sea water. We then add the cell salts to help our bodies create, through the magic of transmutation, the specific mineral(s) that we might need more of. This approach is a true healing, an acknowledgement that we are fundamentally energy beings, and the wisdom of our bodies can literally make what we need if we give it the proper raw materials and  energetic support. 

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Hello CJ,

From Jackson’s Naturals:
“Cell salts are different from your traditional vitamin or supplement as they are not intended to be used as a replacement for your body’s endogenous creation of these minerals. The goal with cell salts is to use a micro-dose to stimulate the body to better regulate those mineral levels itself.”

“Cell salts are used to optimize or improve the absorption and maintenance of mineral levels in the body.”

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CJ on

Fascinating! I love the “magic” of life and how we can create the minerals we need! But, in light of that fact, why would I take a specific cell salt if my body can make any of them with any of them? If that makes sense . . .

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