We're Looking to Hire a New Practitioner

We're Looking to Hire a New Practitioner

Hi, everyone. We are looking for another practitioner to staff our New Biology online clinic. The main requirement for this position is experience working in the conventional medical world and the awareness that better ways exist to help people heal.


Our online clinic works with the principles of the "New Biology," which I have laid out during the past few years. We approach everyone as an individual with a unique story rather than looking through the lens of conventional diagnoses. We use therapies that improve people's health and well being rather than "treat" diagnoses that are often based on disproven assumptions.


Although we will consider most types of health practitioners, for this position, we are mainly interested in people with either an MD, DO or ND degree. You'll join me and the other staff members for weekly "grand rounds" to address what ails  people and how we can help them live better, healthier, more joyful lives.


If this possibility interests you, contact customer service at customersupport@drtomcowan.com, and please tell us a little bit about yourself. Thanks for your interest in our work. Together, we can make this world a much better place.



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