Why Eating Organ Meats Support Robust Health

Why Eating Organ Meats Support Robust Health

One of the age-old practices of all carnivores and people who consume animals is to eat the organs of the animals first and preferentially. One sees this with cats, lions, vultures and with human groups as diverse as the Plains Native Americans, the Inuit and the forest dwellers of Africa. 

Of course, these practices were not based on a detailed analysis of the vitamin or mineral content of the various tissues of their prey, rather on something more subtle, more to do with where living beings store their energy. Taking our cue from such traditional medical systems as Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, it is clear that the energy flow through living beings is somehow channeled or perhaps concentrated in the organs of animals. It is the healthy flow of this energy through the various organ channels that, in these systems, determine our health.

As we move further away from seeing life as a biochemistry project to one in which all manifestations in our world are various "densities" of energy, we can immediately grasp the importance of the various organs to our health and the health of animals. With this understanding, it is not surprising that eating the organs of animals was an integral part of traditional healing practices.

It is for this reason that I am happy to announce that we are able to expand our offering of organ preparations from a company that sources their organs from the highest quality grass-fed/pastured animals. They freeze-dry the organ preparations to preserve the nutrients in their purest form. No fillers, excipients or other additives are used, and all of the products are tested to be free of toxins and heavy metals. 

Generally speaking, the way to use animal-organ preparations is in a "like-treats-like" way of thinking. If you wish to support heart function, then the beef-heart preparation is the one to take. The bone marrow product supports the formation of healthy blood and bone formation. The collagen preparation is used to support healthy joint and collagen formation, a process that is often weak in rheumatic and skin conditions. The kidney formula is used to support healthy kidney function, healthy urine flow, detoxification and is especially useful for those suffering from what are generally called "allergic" symptoms. 

The liver preparation supports robust detoxification and provides essential nutrients and energetic support to all the various detoxification pathways. And, finally, the new thymus preparation supports the body to clear out waste tissue. This process is sometimes erroneously called "immune" function, but closer examination reveals that when we are clear of excessive dead and dying tissue, we are naturally and robustly healthy. 

In our family we make a concerted effort to include various organs in our regular meal planning. Sometimes we are successful, sometimes not. For this reason, I use a variety of our organ preparations daily. I think if you try this strategy, you will see and feel the power and wisdom in the traditional practice of eating animal-organ preparations.

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Anonymous on

Hello Rik,

Thank you for your comment. Dr. Cowan often speaks to this issue and has only recommended sourcing animal proteins, fats, organs, bones etc. from farmers that practice according to Weston A. Price philosophies. This would mean grass-fed and grass-finished pastured beef, pastured chickens and the like. An ideal example is Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm.

When animals live healthy happy lives, it is to our benefit and theirs. There are numerous farmers who do not inject their livestock and practice beyond organic, regenerative methods. These are the types of farmers we recommend.

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rik pieters on

interesting, i myself was used to eat meat, but now we know they inject animal meat with the genetic injections, i became a full vegan, and i love it. Do you think we can still eat animal organs when it’s from an organic animal?
thx Tom

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