NADH's Key Role in Producing Energy

NADH's Key Role in Producing Energy

In my medical practice and for my own health, I have used very few single-nutrient supplements. NADH is one of the rare exceptions. That's because of my understanding of how it works, the effects I saw in people in my practice, and the significant body of research documenting its safety and effectiveness. 

In the oxidative-phosphorylation process in our mitochondria, the role of NADH is to deliver hydrogen to the enzymatic cycle that produces the chemical compound called ATP. ATP is commonly considered the "energy" molecule of mammalian systems, but this is a mistake. The real role of ATP is to bind to the tips of the cellular proteins that make up the internal cytoskeleton of our cells and tissues. Once ATP is bound to these proteins, they can unfold, interact with the water in our cells and tissues and create the coherent, living water that is the essence of a living system. This coherent water creates the energetic charge that, in turn, is the energy currency of life. It seems as if ATP generates energy, but, in reality, it just participates in the formation of the structure of the water, which is where the energy is actually created.

Similarly, NADH appears to give people energy and support healthy cellular and tissue function by improving the energy dynamics, but, again, the reality is NADH is needed to produce ATP, which generates the water structure — the true source of energy. Virtually all illness is caused, at least in part, by a depressed energy field. Increasing the NADH supply in a highly bioavailable form is a simple and direct way to address this energy shortage.  

Our NADH products all come directly from the pioneers of the use of NADH in therapeutics, the Birkmayer family of Austria. Used as primary and supportive treatment for all neuro-degenerative diseases, the Birkmayer clinic was renowned for its success in treating Parkinson's, MS and similar neurological illnesses with first IV, then oral NADH. Later, it became clear that many heart patients, patients suffering from fatigue (i.e. chronic fatigue syndrome) and many cancer patients benefited from the support of NADH. 

For further references and information on the use and history of NADH, please consult my book "Cancer and the New Biology of Water." In my practice, I generally used NADH Rapid Energy for problems related to fatigue, the NADH Vision for issues relating to the blood vessels and heart, and NADH Arthros for issues relating to the muscles and joints. The dose was generally 2 to 8 tablets or capsules a day. As always, we love to hear feedback and stories from the use of any of our products, so keep in touch. 


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Anonymous on

Hello Sue and thank you for your question. I have forwarded your inquiry to Dr. Cowan to hopefully address in a live webinar soon. Please feel free to watch live on Wednesdays and Fridays at 2 PM EST on YouTube at or on SubscribeStar at or view the video later on Bichute or Rumble

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Sue Marriott on

I’ve been reading about the ratio between NADH and NAD+ and am somewhat confused. The claim is that NADH increases with age whilst NAD+ decreases. And although ‘they’ claim more understanding of the ratio is needed, the idea that taking NADH would increase the ratio (good or bad?) is contrary to the health claims of the Birkmayers. Is the concentration on NAD+ just another of those sales gimmicks or what? I would appreciate any thoughts on this and also would like to add a huge THANKS to Dr TC for all his use of his own NADH.

Anonymous on

Hello David,

Dr. Cowan talked about the NADH Vision a couple of weeks ago, feel free to watch the webinar here:

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Ilene on

So funny, I did t know you have this product. After I learned about the hydrogen from George Weisman, I started researching how to get it in all different ways and remembered NADH. I just bought it from Quicksilver. But they have the NMN which is a step in the process. For some reason, I did not know you could directly take NADH. I will get it from you next! Thank you.

david nemcek on

Would the NADH vision have any impact on spider veins and would it be easier to swallow the tablets than the capsules?

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