To See the World Anew

To See the World Anew

Dear friends,

If I were asked, "What is the point of all these medicines, products, webinars, podcasts and interviews that make up the structure of your company?" my answer would probably be, "to help my friends see the world a little bit differently."

It has become clear to many people during the past few years that the model the world uses to run on is, to put it mildly, fatally flawed. No matter which area of life we look at—relationships, governance, medicine, economics, biology, physics—we run up against gaping inconsistencies and flaws. We, the people of the world, live with the consequences of these tragic systems. We encounter poisoned foods, medicines, a health care system that make us sick, economies that steal our resources, and governments that force us into wars. At some point, we need to individually and collectively ask simple questions, starting with, "isn't there a better way to look at life?" That is the question that has occupied my attention my entire adult life, and that has been put into a laser focus these past two years. When something isn't working, people of good will need to look at things in a new way, to ask such fundamental questions as, where did this come from, how did this start, and is it true? 

As I grew better at asking and sometimes answering these questions, people emerged who could help. When I got disillusioned by the science that studies living things ONLY after they have been killed, a man came along and said, "No, Tom, you can study people or plants or bacteria by seeing how much light they give off. You can use this science to change how you see the world and your very capacity to see in the first place." This understanding led the man to create the Analemma water wand. For me, the water wand is not to treat this or that disease or merely to enliven water. Its purpose is to help us see the world differently, for I am convinced that when we see the world in a new, more realistic way, we will be in awe of the beauty and majesty of the phenomena we call life. A person in touch with the beauty and majesty of life will do whatever is needed to preserve, honor, and cherish the world out of which this life is born.

There's a similar purpose with our "flagship" product, Strophanthus capsules and extract. Collected in the wild in the Cameroon by local people who refer to Strophanthus as "the gift from Paradise," and processed by small companies with a commitment to the quality of their work, the "medicine" is not simply to reduce lactic acid build-up, to support heart function, or to protect and oxygenate our tissues. The point is to help you see the world in a new way. The point is to strengthen your heart, the heart that is the anagram of the earth, that is the center of our being, and the ground on which we walk. People who walk through life with their hearts open see the world differently; they would never imagine wantonly destroying the center of our very existence, our earth/heart home. Once this switch happens, your heart can relax, and new possibilities can emerge.

The stories of these two products illustrate the larger goal of our company, which is, in our small way, to contribute to the unfolding of a new era on our earth/heart home. We can't express our gratitude enough to all our friends and supporters. Our spring sale is a small way of expressing our thanks.

With love,

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Eddie Leong on

I am reading your posts slowly, stopping to think deeply. I sent an enquiry about how to particpate in your Cameroon venture as I am invovled with Africa in business.

As for myself, I have been using an ancient therapy called Urine Therapy for 25 years…not even a flu for almost that long. No other sickness. Urine has brought me much clarity in my thought processes as well has keeping me really healthy…a healthy body brings about many healthy life processes. I am not taking any health food, supplements or even having any other healthy therapies.

There are many alternative ideas. Mine is an ancient one.

Rory Short on

Tom I’m a mechanical engineer by training and an information systems developer by profession, retired since 2005. In 2012 I attended a Biomimicry weekend workshop. As a result of this workshop I started to include evolution in my thinking about our human condition and I came to fully accept that we humans are just one life form amongst myriads of life forms. This realisation has caused me to see that the conventional, and almost unconscious, mechanistic way of understanding the world is The only way we should operate at the root of problems like global warming. We are part of a living system, which we are not in control of. Our only aim should be to work in cooperation with life. Any other way is disastrous aswe are proving if only we realised it.

Melissa Ivy on

I love the wand, I’m taking the Strophanthus and I am eternally grateful for making this knowledge and these products available. My whole wolf has shifted after reading your book The Contagion Myth and several others. I’ve listened to all your podcasts and have been introduced through you to some amazing humans doing great work. There is hope. I used to look at the medical industry as life saving only to realize it costs me and my family 1800$ just to have insurance. Wouldn’t that money be better spent a month in amazing foods and other healthful resources. This is my new lens and I’m loving it! Thanks You! Forever grateful!

Dr. C. Kate Kavanagh on

I would add religion to the mix of flawed institutions and philosophies. After being raised in one and taking it very seriously for many years, I look back and see little benefit and a lot of confusion. Unfortunately, the modern citizen has replaced traditional organized religion with New Age platitudes that have no basis in reality. I looked for a very long time to find something that would enhance life and give it meaning. At first Shamanic, especially, Native American, views and practices rang true, and I call on the writings of my favorite Shamanic teachers daily as I try to cope and make sense of things. Ultimately, however, I found or was guided to A Course in Miracles which for me at least offered something that made sense and reduced anxiety. In order to do the self-study course, one needs a teacher, and, as with everything, false teachers abound. Fortunately, I found the real deal in Ken Wapnick’s workbooks. He is known as the Course’s greatest teacher. Gary Renard’s books initially piqued my interest, as well as gave me an overview. I’m grateful for them both and highly recommend them to seekers of wisdom and truth such as yourself.

Carol Bridges on

Thank you for your clear explanations of everything connected to the errors of our current AMA medical system. You have been such a help in understanding what the basic problems are and supplying directions to explore. I have been practicing what you preach since 1976 and so far (I will be 80 in July) have only taken one aspirin! No meds since then. I used a few herbal and homeopathic remedies here and there, eat organic, keep a thankful attitude, and I am having the best “elder years” I ever heard of! Keep up your great work.

Regina Mecco on

I posit that what appears to severe cov id illness and corrected when nutrional supplements are employed are no more than serious, but overlooked malnutrition.

Lisa Newlin on

Thank you ❤️

I couldn’t agree more!

peggi woodmansee on

thank you Tom for everything you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie on

Magnificent statement.

Brendan Sills on

Well said Tom! I have been listening and sharing your wisdom for the past 6 years. Thank you so much for the work you do and for your wonderful heart and mind!

David on

Beautifully stated. Thanks for all of your efforts to make this world a better place. It has impacted me and my family in amazing ways. I can’t thank you enough for getting your message out there. Don’t ever stop!

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