Happy Spring

With spring comes new life, new ventures and renewed energy for deferred projects. This past year has been a life-changing year for many, if not most of us, as the imperfect world we knew got flipped on its head. In many ways, that was a good thing, as we all knew in our hearts that the old ways couldn’t possibly last.

Mostly, though, we didn’t quite see the pain and the level of deception that we would have to go through to emerge out of this mess. But like the caterpillar who must go through the confinement of being imprisoned in a cocoon, if all goes well, someday a beautiful butterfly will emerge. I’m betting on that outcome.

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True Causes of Historic "Pandemics" (re: podcast ep. 23 Shimon Yanowitz)

This week’s podcast guest is Shimon Yanowitz. Shimon contacted me to share his extensive research into the true causes of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, as well as his research into the health and biological effects of 5G. Join us for this eye-opening interview as we unravel yet more layers of the historical fraud known as pathogenic viruses.

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My Discussion with Leslie Manookian

Yesterday, I had a wonderful discussion with Leslie Manookian through my SubscribeStar community. Leslie is a leader in documenting the adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccines, producer of the film “The Greater Good, “founder of the non-profit Health Freedom Defense Fund (instituted to protect health freedoms), and WAPF board member. Unfortunately, due to a technological issue within Zoom, our video did not record properly as it should have. I want to apologize for this, and any inconvenience this may have caused. I want to ensure our community that we are working to set up another discussion with Leslie in the future.

Please visit Leslie’s resource page at the Health Freedom Defense Fund.

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Building Your Own Optimal Home, Water Purification and Garden (re: ep. 22 Christopher Gardner)

Today’s podcast guest is an interesting gardener/inventor/water innovator who is doing some interesting experiments with water purification, biochar, and the shape and form of houses.  In this interview, Christopher Gardner describes how he arrived at the optimal shape of housing, water purification systems, and storage tanks and how you can build these for yourself.  Join me for an interesting hour discussion on the next steps to consider in our journey towards greater self-sufficiency and personal sovereignty. 

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What Does a Virologist Know About SARS-CoV-2 as of March 21, 2021

Most people — again, including medical providers — would assume that virologists prove causation by exposing nothing but the pure virus to healthy animals in the normal way that viruses supposedly spread. The only reasonable conclusion that anyone examining this process would come to is that no evidence exists that a real particle in the real world that causes what they’re calling Covid-19 has been found. 

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