The King of Flow

During my years of practice, I found that the single best intervention to strengthen the blood vessel walls was two to three teaspoons a day of a strong hibiscus extract. The red, blood-like color of the hibiscus flower and extract cry out to be understood as allies to our blood and blood vessels. Analysis of the hibiscus extract reveals abundant phytonutrients and chemicals whose function is to tonify and strengthen the blood vessel walls.
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NADH's Key Role in Producing Energy

In my medical practice and for my own health, I have used very few single-nutrient supplements. NADH is one of the rare exceptions. That's because of my understanding of how it works, the effects I saw in people in my practice, and the significant body of research documenting its safety and effectiveness.

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Grass-Fed Organs for Male Hormonal Strength

A central tenet to my approach to nutrition is that the more complex the food source, the more nutritious it is likely to be. An example is chemically-derived B vitamins in supplement form, versus from fresh liver, which is replete with these same vitamins. My choice is always the latter, because I want to present my body with all the nutrients in the food and let it decide which to absorb.

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Sunshine by Day, Candlelight by Night

The new biology that humanity is moving toward revolves around an accurate conception of the living human being. In the old model, we are a kind of biochemistry set, whose guiding principles are random "collisions," probabilities and purposeless occurrences.
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To See the World Anew

If I were asked, "What is the point of all these medicines, products, webinars, podcasts and interviews that make up the structure of your company?" my answer would probably be, "to help my friends see the world a little bit differently."

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